I Smell Heresy – 11 Cardinal Burke Memes

A few light-hearted memes regarding His Eminence Cardinal Burke.

Cardinal Burke Coat of Arms



Burke Meme 9

Burke Meme 8

Burke Meme

Burke Meme 5

Burke Meme 7

Burke Meme 1

Burke Meme 2

Burke Meme 3

Burke Meme 6

Burke Meme 4

Burke Meme 10



More on Cardinal Burke from SPL:

3 Ways to Excommunicate Yourself

The short list of ways that excommunication can occur (even without formal, documented excommunication).

Formal excommunication from the Catholic Church is a rarity.1 However, there are many ways to be excommunicated through one’s actions. Here is the short list of ways that excommunication can occur (even without formal, documented excommunication).

1. Be A Heretic

“[A] species of infidelity in men who, having professed the faith of Christ, corrupt its dogmas.” 2 This is a way, not of rejecting Christianity, but of deviating by choosing select teachings among the whole to believe, while rejecting others. 3

2. Be A Schismatic

A schismatic is one who separates themself from the unity of the Church by refusing to submit to the Pope or those under him according to the hierarchy of the Church. Regardless of adherence to every other law of the Church, rejection of the Supreme Pontif is cause to be named schismatic. 4

3. Be An Apostate

The apostate rejects the entirety of the Catholic faith. Whether he chooses to embrace another, or to align with none at all, he willingly rejects the Truth he knows. This name is not applicable to the ignorant, but to those who knowingly reject Catholicism with full knowledge of the implications. 5

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5 Quotes from Stephen Colbert on Protestantism

Protestants are “a single Pope away from reaching their full potential.”

Listers, many are aware that Stephen Colbert is an accomplished comedian and satirist, but he is also a practicing Catholic and a “Sunday School” teacher.1 Those who seek to run Colbert through a Catholic litmus test may be disappointed to know that many of his personal beliefs remain personal, but fortunately his religious quips and barbs are all public.

The following quotes are taken from Stephen Colbert’s excellent book: I Am America (And So Can You!). SPL highly recommends it for those seeking a light-hearted and intellectual laugh. For more on Colbert’s Catholicism, read The Washington Post article, Stephen Colbert May Play Religion for Laughs, but His Thoughtful Catholicism Still Shows Through.

Stephen Colbert’s Catholicism came into the spotlight when the comedian decided to testify before a House Committee concerning migrant workers. (Video)


This is a variant form of Christianity, or “heresy.”

One Pope Away:

Protestants don’t make me angry as much as disappointed. Unlike the world’s crazy made-up religions, they’re so close to getting it right. They’re a single Pope away from reaching their full potential.

God’s Language:

Do you really think God prefers a mess of polyglot, disorganized prayers over the elegant hand-written Latin epistles from Benedict XVI?

Protestants Come Home:

Whenever you’re ready, the Church’s doors are always open. We’ll let you back into eternal salvation, and all you have to do is say a few Hail Marys, feel a little guilty, and deliver us your massive army of lockstep values voters.


What, the Church of England wasn’t heretical enough for you? – Don’t be a Meth-head.

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