Cardinal Burke: 17 Photos of this Wondrous Prince of the Church

The gallery is a collection of photographs of Cardinal Burke from various sources. St. Peter’s List hopes to bring attention to this excellent Prince of the Church and illuminate his good work that should not go unnoticed.

Cardinal Burke by Phil Roussin, flickr. "Priestly Ordinations with His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke at Saint Francis de Sales Oratory, Saint Louis, Missouri."

Listers, it is no secret that St. Peter’s List has great adulation for our Prince of the Church, Cardinal Burke. Previously, SPL published a list of photographs from when the Prince visited the Notre-Dame de Fontgombault, in which there are wonderful shots the the Cappa Magna.

Cardinal Burke on SPL

The following gallery is a collection of photographs of Cardinal Burke from various sources. St. Peter’s List hopes to bring attention to this excellent Prince of the Church and illuminate his good work that should not go unnoticed.1


Cardinal Burke in Sydney via Badger Catholic Blog.

Newly-appointed US Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke looks on during a meeting with relatives and friends at the Vatican, Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010. Pope Benedict XVI formally created 24 new cardinals on Saturday amid cheers in St. Peter’s Basilica, bringing a mostly Italian group into the elite club that will eventually elect his successor. (AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito)

Cardinal Burke in the Cappa Magna with the Institute of Christ the King

Cardinal Burke in the “Cappa Magna” or Great Cape.

Cardinal Burke in the old galero.

Cardinal Burke’s Homily of Thanksgiving at the PNAC in Rome. – New Liturgical Movement

The “Official Portrait” from the Archdiocese of St. Louis

Cardinal Burke and the Holy Father via WDTPRS

Cardinal Burke at Thomas More College.

Cardinal Burke and the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Preist.


The photographer Phil Roussin has an impressive Flickr page of liturgical photos. The subject of many of his photos is the St. Francis de Sales Oratory of the Institute of Christ the King. The Institute celebrates the Roman Rite of 1962 with a focus on restoring the beauty of liturgical worship.2

Cardinal Burke by Phil Roussin, Flickr. Cardinal Burke at Saint Francies de Sales for Solemn Te Deum and Benediction.
Cardinal Burke by Phil Roussin, Flickr. Cardinal Burke at Saint Francies de Sales for Solemn Te Deum and Benediction.

Cardinal Burke by Phil Roussin, flickr. "Priestly Ordinations with His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke at Saint Francis de Sales Oratory, Saint Louis, Missouri."
Cardinal Burke by Phil Roussin, Flickr. “Priestly Ordinations with His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke at Saint Francis de Sales Oratory, Saint Louis, Missouri.”

Cardinal Burke blessing the faithful by Phil Roussin, Flickr. Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.
Cardinal Burke blessing the faithful by Phil Roussin, Flickr. Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.


“On the feast of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, September 15, His Eminence, Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke, Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, visited the foundation of the Sisters Adorers in Switzerland on the first anniversary of its establishment. Located in the Diocese of Basel, Switzerland, quite near the border with France, the House of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus is nestled in the Alps, which provide a very appropriate atmosphere for prayer, work, and community, in the spirit of the Sisters’ Patrons, St. Francis de Sales, St. Jane Frances de Chantal, and St. Madeleine Sophia Barat.” – Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.3

Cardinal Burke visits the Sisters Adorers in Switzerland.
Cardinal Burke visits the Sisters Adorers in Switzerland.

Cardinal Burke visits the Sisters Adorers in Switzerland.
Cardinal Burke visits the Sisters Adorers in Switzerland.

On August 20, 2015, the following photos apparently showing Cardinal Burke receiving the blessing of a newly ordained young Gabonese priest, were posted to twitter. A Google Translation renders the tweet thus in English:

“This is the Holy Church! Cardinal #Burke humbling himself before a young Gabonese priest just ordained! What a lesson!”

Cardinal Burke receives blessing of young Gabonese Priest
“This is the Holy Church! Cardinal #Burke humbling himself before a young Gabonese priest just ordained! What a lesson!”

Cardinal Burke and young Gabonese Priest Just Ordained
“This is the Holy Church! Cardinal #Burke humbling himself before a young Gabonese priest just ordained! What a lesson!”

  1. Updated: The list was updated on 3-12-13 []
  2. Update: The list was updated on 11-7-14. To learn more, please visit the St. Francis de Sales Oratory website and the homepage of the Institute of Christ the King. []
  3. Full Gallery: The entire gallery of Cardinal Burke’s 2012 trip to the Sisters Adorers in Switzerland is available online. []
  • Wonderful! We love him, too.

    • Abraham Nellickal

      ‘There was a rich man who used to dress in purple and fine linen and feast magnificently every day” gospel of Luke chapter 16 verse 19.

      • JuanPedro

        Well, I can’t argue about the magnificence of the feast – none greater! – but you do know that he removes his (sacred) “purple and fine linen” for this. Uh-huh.

        And to do so he prays: “Take off of me, Lord, the old man with his manners and deeds: and put on me the new man, who according to God is created in justice, and the holiness of truth.”

        And what exactly is this “new man”? It’s all here:

        In any event, I say, who wants to wear all that clothing? It’s a duty of clergy, so whether they want to do it or not doesn’t matter: clergy (the faithful ones, anyway) must wear these clothes.

      • Peter Darcy

        I’m offended by your biblical allusion, which is obviously an attempt to denigrate the reputation of Cardinal Burke. You forgot to mention that this man “dressed in fine clothes” didn’t ignore the poor man at his gate like the biblical Divas did (if you don’t know who Divas is, look him up). This magnificent man of the Church has defended innocent babies from being murdered by abortion, the orthodoxy of Christ’s teaching, and the innocent faith of millions over against everything attacking Christ’s Church nowadays. Since you are so devoted the bible, perhaps you should read Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus to see how important Cardinal Burke is to our Church. You may then stop using the Lord’s Word to make silly, snide comments about our most important leaders.

        • Michael Straus

          But but but he will hide and tuck away as many pediofiles as he can inside and under the auspices of the church. Give me a break will ya. I am so tired of these enablers hiding faggot priests that they can not be prosecuted. Just give me a break.

          • Ed Lambert

            Straus, you’re way out of line here unless you have specific evidence against Burke himself.

            I think the whole issue of Burke’s attire, however, highlights a simple fact: our concept of decorum has evolved to some degree, and many see the cappa magna as a sign of excess, not a symbol of authority or rank. This is true, at least, in a good many circles.

            Cardinal Burke, I believe, would earn more respect by entering in simpler attire. Perhaps he often does and saves the cappa for ceremonies attended almost exclusively by people who appreciate the display.

            I wish that Cardinal Burke would ask Pope Francis to be given a diocese back here in the States where he could exercise his episcopal ministry daily. I suspect he already knows that there are occasions for displays of finery and more frequent occasions when a toned down attire is more appreciated.

    • Martin

      It is cool when people dare to dress differently, and I am sure that Cardinal Burke has generated many happy smiles with his outfit. Why should everyone look the same and adhere to a certain acceptable dress code? Also, it is a sign of true Christianity, love and compassion that he stands up for the right of men to wear ‘feminine’ clothing, as that is often ridiculed by the anti-homosexuality crowd.

      • Funny


      • Yeah, “cool”.

      • Joseph Carmel Chetcuti

        You are absolutely spot on!

      • JuanPedro

        Disregarding that last part (of your comment, that is), you do realise you are contradicting yourself somehow by using Cardinal Burke as the example of why people should not “adhere to a certain acceptable dress code”.

        He’s a bishop – a cardinal, at that; this IS his dress code.

        The only thing left to say, then: would that more bishops and cardinals follow it!

        • M McDaid

          Burke may be entitled to wear the cardinalatial red silk, but a 20 foot train or a bejeweled miter is not part of the “dress code.” Those are simply personal vanity.

          • Kynan O’Brien

            actually in the dress of prelates instructions sent by the Vatican, it states for solemn choir dress that the cappa magna is still permitted and in tradition, there are three types of mitre, precious in which it is adorned with jewels, for solemn occasions, golden made of gold silk and simple, so to my untrained eye its not vanity but respect for tradition and the Vaticans orders that he wears it. please dont pick and choose beliefs and instructions to bash others, especially when there are plenty of other documents and case laws to the contrary,

            Pax Christi

    • Deborah

      Cardinal Burke is the best! We need more Cardinals and Bishops like him. So sad the many nasty and negative comments. If people truly knew what being Catholic meant they would flock to our churches. Jesus did not make a mistake when he established the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic church. Unfortunately we humans make mistakes and have caused scandal in the church. Instead of blaming the church, blame Satan for he hates the Catholic Church. He is trying to destroy it from within. We need to pray for our clergy.

  • He came to Knock last Autumn to celebrate a Pontifical High Mass in the old Parish Church (site of the apparition). He preached wonderfully (with the classic opening line “Praised be Jesus Christ, Now and Forever”) and after a two and a half hour ceremony, which followed a 2 hour prolife conference, had all the time in he world for the attendees who crowded around him. After a very long day, being mobbed by small children and he had a smile and a gracious word for everyone. A great man, a veritable Prince!

    • Abraham Nellickal

      He is prince in his long attire. And the priest (or at all a layman)who keeps this behind him, what is his value?

    • HRH

      More a korrupt korpulent kween.

      • kevin

        yes indeed. there isn’t a gay man on the planet who does not recognize one of these self hating bitter old queens–burke has it in spades, but he is not alone among the princes either!

        • SMD


        • JuanPedro

          Having read your comment, am I supposed to think, with some measure of certainty, that you are calling HRH (the commentator) gay?

          Am I supposed to infer, by the graciousness of your comments on the Cardinal, that you are (also) gay?

          Do I even have to presume that, by his agreement below, SMD (the commentator) is gay?

          Well, if my understanding/inference/presumption is all correct, then you make all of yourselves sound like “bitter old queens” in training!

      • Deborah

        It is the homosexual infiltration of the church. Satan is trying to destroy it from within. Cardinal Burke is one of the few who is trying to rectify the mess. People make mistakes. Glad that HRH and Abraham Nellickal are perfect and can make judgements on mere opinions. He who is without sin can cast the first stone. I highly doubt by HRH and Abraham Nellickal are without sin. It’s easy and fun making fun of something you know absolutely nothing about. Kinda makes you feel superior and big men and all.

      • Robin Smith

        Yup, he’s a little porker…ooops, pecker. damn, did it again, I meant pedo pal.

    • HRH

      Korrupt korpulent kween.

      • JuanPedro

        This is a wonderful comment. Clearly you know what is corrupt because your spelling qualifies you; and your commentator’s handle proves you know about queens. Two for two.

        I must presume, then, that you are fat because you claim the Cardinal is corpulent. Yes, let’s “round” it off. (What, “too much”?). Don’t worry – I, too, am fat, so I know what (food) is going through your mind.

        The only thing I would beg of you, then (since we fatsoes are accustomed to begging, right?) – it’s another ‘c-‘ word – is not to be coprophagous. I know, it’s big, but not all big words are compliments.

        In this case, your condition is either constipating your mind or giving you verbal diarrhoea (not logorrhoea, mind you). In other words, it’s showing.

        True, it’s not like with clothes (“Do I look fat in this cappa magna?”), but, unlike the cappa magna, your hate handles are definitely a sore sight for eyes.

        (Yep, I think I got the word order correct.)

  • Brother Juniper

    I have followed Cardinal Burke’s career for many years, wishing we could have one such as him here in Washington, D.C. I was sad to see him leave St Louis as I worry about using such faithful servants in administrative positions rather than leading the flock. But perhaps that is too much good for one city, both a baseball team like the Cardinals (if my Nats can become a franchise as successful in the long term as the Cardinals, I will be well pleased) and a Cardinal such as this.

  • Magdalene

    I also have followed Cardinal Burke’s path since he was in Lacrosse. The Servant of God, Fr. John Hardon chose him to watch over the Marian Catechist apostolate which is where I first knew of him.

    I hope he will take over Cardinal Levada’s position when that one retires.

    I recognize the Francsicans of the Immaculate (friar and sisters) in the top photo and I know Cardinal Burke has ordained some of the priests in this order, even with the Extraordinary Form.

    Ave Maria!

  • matt

    Is there any history behind his long train? I’ve never seen a Cardinal with such elaborate garb. My first thought was that it was a little over the top. Can someone please explain why it is appropriate.

    • fr. patrick mcmahon, ph.d.

      actually the cappa magna was designed in the Middle Ages for a prelate on horseback to present a dignified appearance. the train was to cover the horse’s ass. While the prelatial horse is a thing of the past, the cappa magna is one of the few relics of the past that still serves its original purpose. this is particularly true in the case of Cardinal Burke.

      • Thomas Mitchell

        What purpose are you alluding to father? The use of the cappa magna as a ceremonial item, or to its continued use to cover a horses ass sans horse?

        If the former is true, then you are to be commended for your knowledge of history. If, instead, you meant the latter, than I expect more than barely concealed contempt for a Cardinal (and a bishop) from a priest. Perhaps I am imagining an attack and I misunderstood your comment. If so I apologize. If I am correct in assuming an attack on another man’s character and reputaton, I advise (humbly) that you exercise some priestly discretion and discipline in your speech.

        • John

          Well said. There is far greater vice in insulting people personally than in wearing a long cape (also worn by Cardinal saints of the past such as Charles Borromeo, etc)

        • Ed Lambert

          What Cardinal Burke gingerly sidesteps in his donning the scarlet cappa magna is that Pope Paul VI eliminated the use of the white ermine cape and hood as part of the cappa. Since Burke favors “dress up” he should know what is currently allowed and what is not. Big deal? No, but it doesn’t speak well for a cardinal who thinks we should abide by the rules.

          • JuanPedro

            But I would think – though I admit I could be wrong – he is permitted to use this form of the cappa magna by the norms of Summorum Pontificum for the Extraordinary Form, the form for celebrations whereat the Cardinal appears thus clad.

            Paul VI, naturally, would have abolished those parts of the cappa magna for its use in the Ordinary Form. Of course, however, we idiots have always known better than the Pope, so we just decided in practice not to wear it at all!

      • Roderick

        Fr. McMahon, Thanks for your comment. The flamboyance and arrogance of this over the top garb worn by the Cardinal, is well, pathetic.

        • Abraham Nellickal

          With Roderick I too thank Fr. McMahon. I have seen Painting in a European church of king Wambo (with St. Egidius) with the same kind of long train. Of course, King Wambo is with his horse. I am sure Fr. McMahon is right.

      • Disrespectful. Takes one horse’s ass to know another one, ever hear that old saying, Father?

        • Deborah

          I think Roseanne Sullivan is a nasty little priestess wanna be? Perhaps not. However your nasty little remarks proves your ignorance of this subject and of course it is your mere misguided opinion. Of course you are entitled to your misguided opinion and seeing how you’ve bought in the media’s lie’s concerning what is going on in our church perhaps you need to study up and do some homework on the subject. Over your head dear? Probably.

      • richard

        Thank you for that insight it takes a horse’s ass to know one so I hope you remember that when you show your disrespect. In the famous word of Obama PERIOD

      • JuanPedro

        If – notice I say ‘If’ – I understand what you are saying, Father, then with all due respect I must ask:

        Why would you be hiding under the man’s clothing? You are hardly a child that you would do this, though I can’t speak to your childishness.

        BTW, did I say to notice I said ‘If’?

      • Sara

        I salute you Father McMahon!

    • enzo

      Just some help on logic, simply because you haven’t “Seen it before” doesn’t mean you should suspect it has no value.

      Just a thought.

  • Bob Denstedt

    I am shocked that so many people have commented so positively about Cardinal Burke. These photographs show a “leader” that in no way resembles or calls to mind the simple man of the Scriptures, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The elaborate garments are absolutley shameful, the threats of excommunication so often used by Burke as Archbishop of Saint Louis were awful. These elements are NOT of the Christ of peace and forgiveness.

    • Thomas Mitchell

      The same Christ of peace and forgiveness who violently drove the money changers from the temple, and chastised the pharisees.

      These elaborate garments have developed through custom and tradition in the Church. They adorn the princes of the church as symbols of the heavenly glories that await the servants of God. They designated these men as men set apart. Now I am the first to admit that these trapping can go to one’s head, but that is something one must fight against. The way I think of it is that all of these trappings and elaborate garments are to be laid at the feet of Christ, both spiritually and literally. If we abandon all that makes the Church outwardly beautiful, we will end up abandoning ourselves. Remember that men thrive on symbols.

      As to your claims of excommunication being awful, that is the point. One who has separated themselves from the mind of the Church publicly should be called out just as publicly. This is done primarily for two reasons:
      1. That the excommunicated individual might recognize the gravity of their actions, and move toward repentance as quickly as possible.
      2. That the faithful can be warned of the gravity of the action that warranted the excommunication, and avoid the same thing themselves.
      Excommunication does not really condemn person to hell per se, it is a recognition that their deeds have done so. It is not a “Christian curse.”

      I am shocked (not really) that some individuals are upset that a bishop is using all of his powers to guard his sheep. After all, he will be held accountable for them before God. I don’t think Christ will accept the excuse “that I didn’t want to upset or offend people.”

      The penalties are serious because the matter is serious. The Church is fighting for the salvation of souls. We should not hamstring its defenders and sacrifice them on the altar of “niceness.”

    • roderick

      Yes Bob, you are absolutely correct. Cardinal Burke is tempermentally unsuited to be a priest. The garments he wears are worse than shameful. When “princes” of the church have nothing constructive to offer in dialogue with those who disagrees with them, they resort to exercising their authority. Threats of excommunication and eternal damnation are 2 of the favorites used by this intellectually shallow man.

      • richard

        To bad you do not know the whole story about any excommunications speaking of shallow remember you make yourself just as shallow when you are disrespectful to any one. PERIOD.

      • JuanPedro

        I’d much rather be in the shallow than in the deep, whether I could swim or not.

        Better yet, I’d be on the boat (with Peter), following our Lord’s command to “go out into the deep”. It’s clear I can’t do this without the boat.

        However, some people – presumably like yourself – seem by their actions to think that the Lord was really saying “go drown yourself”.

        Such foolishness – I mean, faith!

    • JuanPedro

      You must belong to a nudist camp, since the simplest thing really has to be what Adam and Eve wore before they sinned.

    • Deborah

      And I Bob Denstedt am not shocked by the negative remarks. It is after all open season on the Catholic Church is it not? Have fun with your slings and arrows. You probably wouldn’t dare slam the Jews, Muslims, Gay or bBack communities but as long as the Catholic church is an easy target might as well take aim. Have fun. It’s been around for 2,000 years and has gone through worse. The heretic protestants couldn’t do it. Hence the over 4,000 denominations of protest-antism. They can’t agree on anything so they start their little churches. Jesus told us the fires of hell would never prevail against His church. We Catholics know this to be an absolute truth. Time tested and proven. BTW Jesus was never about peace. Check your bible. He states it very clearly. God Bless.

  • Charles Murphy

    The cappa magna still reveals the horse’s ass. The precious pomp, priggishness, and self-exaltation is dazzling. Get thee behind me, Satan!
    You are judging as the world judges their own kind. Where is the message of Christ in all this?

    • Thomas Mitchell

      Charles, are you calling me Satan? How about eschewing the ad hominem attacks. I wonder why you are attacking me, or why you are attacking a prince of the Church. I am surprised that the moderators of this blog allow that comment to be published. You have just either insulted me, or a cardinal, by your comment concerning the ass of a horse. Perhaps exercising a little more charity in your commentary is required. You are the one spewing bile and self-righteousness, not I.

      • Thomas Mitchell

        All of this calling a person a horse’s ass is causing me to seriously question whether or not I should be following this blog.

        • roderick

          Thomas the reason that Cardinal Burke has been called a horse’s ass is because that is what he is.

          • JuanPedro

            By that logic, Roderick, tell me: if I call you a plain old ass, is it because you are one?

      • roderick

        Thomas, The Church has no “princes” we don’t have those any more. The Cardinal looks like a cross dresser in that ridiculous garb.

        • Erasmus39

          ECCE SACERDOS! ECCE SACERDOS MAGNUS! The liturgical song says:”MAGNUS” , that is GREATm representing the magnalia Dei, the magnificense, the greatness od our Lord.
          Best regardsm Erasmus

        • enzo

          you’re a real piece of work. if you want to see a horse’s ass, you need nothing more than to look at your hateful face.

      • “Eschewing?” Spearmint or Doublemint?

        • JuanPedro

          Soap, Kurt. Soap and water.

          Best way to clean foul mouths. See how they flock for it, like lemmings unable to contain their comments against the Cardinal, not cognisant of the cliff that’ll kill them.

    • Joe

      That long train would cover the horse’ ass and still drag on the gound for quite a ways.

      • JuanPedro

        In other words, there’s room for all the asses here who criticise the Cardinal because they are secretly jealous that he has his own covered (by sound tradition) while they are out in the open, helpless to live down (it can’t be “live up”) to their name and state.

        Come find shelter in the tradition of the Church! Cover your asses and be asses no more.

        -Juan Pedro

        PS: Maybe all this talk about asses should bring about the return of the “Feast of the Ass”, just as all that talk about the cappa magna should bring about the return of the Vesting Prayers.

        • Deborah

          Love your retorts, JuanPedro! God Bless you!!!

    • Joseph

      Charles, Sadly, the “message of of Christ” is nowhere to found in cappa magnas & dressing up in other excessive liturgical ‘drag’. And to think His Eminence & his ilk despise gay folks in such a loathsome fashion!
      Me thinks the Lady doth protest too much!

    • JuanPedro

      “Where is the message of Christ in all this?” In the Pontifical Vesting Prayers, of course!

      People behave as if the man goes everywhere with this one vestment, but, even if he does this (which no serious person believes), he is bound to take it off for the celebration of Mass, which he does with a prayer (follow the link to see).

      With all these negative comments about the vestment I am beginning to think that, most probably, those who criticise the Cardinal for wearing it must not go to Mass very often, or else they would see what I just pointed out: he can’t use it there!

  • Leave it to the ‘traditionalists’ to glorify this sort of ostentatious attire. I’m not necessarily opposed to it, but I don’t think that this sort of atavism should become the norm with in the Church by any stretch of the imagination. Something can really be said for those who claim that Cardinal Burke’s way of dressing is a thing of the past. Is a little bit of humility really too much to ask for?

    • Thomas Mitchell

      Have you ever met Cardinal Burke? Can you pass judgement on his level of humility? Can you see into his soul? I suppose you would argue that there hasn’t been any humility in the Church until around the year 1969.

      • roderick

        Yes Thomas, I have met the man. He is a cliche ridden intellectually shallow man. And, he looks ridiculous in that cross dresser outfit he is wearing in the photo.

  • bernard law

    Burke claims to be anti-gay, but no heterosexual man would be caught dead in that outfit. Stop bearing false witness, Cardinal – Come out of the closet, and give your grandmother’s clothes back. Pitiful.

  • Guido

    Raymond Cardinal Burke is a heretic.

  • John Calvin

    Burke has driven away just as many people from the Church as he as attracted. He resides in a personally-constructed extremist wonderland. He too will fall, and fall hard.

  • Maggie McC

    I think this com board has the worst collection of vile anti-Catholic bigots I have come across, apart fro a couple of sound commentators. God bless you, Thomas, and let’s pray for the souls of the others.

  • E.Gary Villanueva, MD, PhD, ScD, FACP

    The Cappa Magna, is the thing of the past, it identify the Aristocratic position of the Church with the King and Queen of the past. I don’t go for that.

    • enzo

      you don’t go for that.
      god have mercy on your soul.

    • JuanPedro

      You “don’t go for that” why: because you already have a train following you? You can have all the letters in the alphabet in all their possible combinations after your name and they could still mean nothing in themselves or in the life of the one who bears such a train.

      OTOH, I don’t deny that you may have earned those…whatever they are. But if you do have those…whatever – and you would naturally think you earned them, if you do – then you can’t think a Cardinal ought not to bear his train, which he, too, has earned (in a manner of speaking).

      And… you know what, let me stop explaining. Your letters should do that for you.

    • John

      The position of the Church was properly “over” the King and the Queen of the past. (And still is.) Christ is King.

  • Jimmy

    I think Burke is done with Francis leading the Church

  • Philip

    The garb that the Cardinal wears says it all. This does not appear to be a man who has the service of others, including the God of Jesus Christ, to the fore but rather evidence of a man who appears obsessed with the self. Joseph Ratzinger’s analysis of the dangers of ‘pelagianism of the pious’ comes to mind here. For Ratzinger such people ‘want security, not hope’. Simplicity, which gives rise to humility and, therefore the ability to receive, is what the world needs more now than ever. Cardinal Burke’s outfit is the anthesis of an ability to be humble and to receive what we have been given over and above what we have deserved and achieved. In other words, Burke’s attire here is a throwback to a form of Christendom that, in the words of Paul Philibert OP, ‘is in the process of disappearing’. Hence, the Cardinal needs to come down off that horse, even if its ass is to be exposed again. It would be interesting to get Pope Francis’ view on such opulence!

    • Abraham Nellickal

      I agree with you Philip. But was Ratzinger in any way different in spite of his big words which you depended on? I agree with you except for your adherence to Ratzinger for authority.

  • Hmmm, Jesus as a simple man – a man who allowed a jar of ointment worth 300 days of labour be poured onto him. A man who will return to Earth (according to Revelation) shining brightly and wearing a gold sash.

    The criticisms of Cardinal Burke, and any form of beauty and elegance in the clothing, vestments, and architecture of the Roman Catholic Church is Marxist in origin and is an attack meant to bring Her down to destruction. Though I appreciate those who want simplicity, and would not criticise them for their simpler tastes, I would ask the favour be returned by not criticising those like Cardinal Burke and myself (my support for the Traditional Latin Mass, as per Summorum Pontificum). Even St. Francis of Assisi, whom our Holy Father has taken his papal name from, insisted on the highest and best when offering praise to our God, especially in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

    I appreciate what Cardinal Burke wears and believe that we Catholics should give our absolute best in all that we are, not just internally but also externally. God bless Cardinal Burke – he has my complete support.

    • ERASMUS39

      I agree with You: “the highest and the best when offering praise to our God, especially in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass”. God bless our SACERDOS MAGNUS, CARDINAL BURKE.

    • Rory Carr

      Stephen Mozier writes, “The criticisms of Cardinal Burke… is [sic] Marxist in origin…”. No, they are not. If Mr Mozier wants to find reds he would be better employed peeking into Cardinal Burke’s wardrobe which, on readily available evidence, must surely display an abundance of scarlet.

      I might also mention with regard to the term ‘horse’s ass’ that a horse does not have an ass, which is an animal sometimes known as a donkey. Both horse and ass however do possess an ‘arse’. From this we must conclude that the critics of His Eminence are in error when they refer to him as a ‘horse’s ass’. ‘Horse’s arse’ is the correct term.

    • Bob Jones

      You say that criticism of Cardinal Burke and his clothing is Marxist. That’s pretty hateful, and a lie. You know that people criticizing Cardinal Burke here are not Marxists. You are just lying. Then, in the next sentence you say you would not criticize people who want simplicity. The very next sentence.
      I want you to know that your point of view is in direct opposition to that of the Pope. I’m pretty sure you understand this. You seem to be a big fan of Cardinal Burke, who has been the single most critical person in all of the Catholic Church about our Pope. I’m pretty sure you know this as well.
      I guess my question is this: If you have a problem with Pope Francis, why don’t you just say so?

  • Cardinal Ignatius B.

    In Luke’s gospel, Jesus receives a gift of ointment from a sinful woman and says ‘I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven- for she loved much’ (7: 47).

    In my view, there is a significant difference between receiving an expensive gift and actively pursuing valuable things for their own sake. While it is an act of humility to receive a gift graciously (the humility lies in the receiving), it seems to me proud and boastful to seek out such raiment for ourselves.

    We have been given the gift of salvation which is not earned or bought. It is a free gift and in my opinion it is the job of the church of God (including the clergy) to bring this gift to the poor. If then, Cardinal Burke were dressing the poor in these clothes, I think it would merit a lot more respect.

    Mr. Mozier, you are right when you say that the highest and the best should be offered when praising God. It is just not apparent to me what exactly is being offered here. All being said, only God can judge Cardinal Burke’s heart condition, not you or I.

  • Joe

    Cardinal Burke is an arrogant narcissistic idiot. He definitely needs a shrink.

    • Erasmus39

      Have you ever met Card. Burke? “Narcisism, idiot, arrogant”, as you say don’t belong to the ecclesial language. Try to tink before speaking,

  • Bryan

    It’s a shame to see the misunderstanding of these individuals on here. You’re in my prayers. Please realize that cardinals are princes of the church. As so they give reverence to the Eucharist through these traditional vestments. For those of you who are concerned about starving children in Africa please keep in mind that the church gives more money to those in need than any other charity in the world. We can all only do so much. Pope Francis is clearly looking to rid corruption and I’m sure he’d tell Raymond Cardinal Burke to chill out if needed.

    • Bob Jones

      He just did. Permanently.

  • John

    My goodness, the hatred spewed here by so many who judge the cardinal for his choice of attire is incredible. Those who hate the Extraordinary form and all its trappings should ask themselves how such liturgy produced so many great saints. And judge not lest ye be judged yourselves. (I attend Ordinary form myself.)

  • paul

    What did Jesus wear?

    • JuanPedro

      Clothes, duh! And so does Cardinal Burke. Like I said to someone else, if we have a problem with it, remember Adam and Eve should have never bitten.

  • A man who dresses in the traditional garb of a Cardinal on the occasion of a Pontifical Mass is acting humbly. He is not wearing what he chooses, he is putting on a garment to hide himself and express the awe and respect owed to the God who we worship. A wise cracking foul mouthed mocking priest is not embodying Jesus more than this humble man, even though he and others who agree with him think they are better than this good servant of God. I think Cardinal Burke looks glorious. The mysteries he celebrates are made more profound by the care of the extraordinary form and the vestments.

  • Lolita P Estrada

    We need more Cardinals like Cardinal Raymund Burke.

  • Tim Howard

    I suspect Cardinal Burke’s style of formality has been somewhat diminished with the advent of Pope Francis. I do not think he would wear all that gear in the presence of the Pope. The humble Cardinal O’Malley look is in and princes astride a white horse look is really out these days. I am sure the humble Friar O’Malley is just as saintly as the elegant Prince Cardinal Burke.

    • JuanPedro

      “He would not wear all that gear in the presence of the Pope” because the Pope has yet to preside-without-celebrating at a Mass of the Extraordinary Form (celebrated by the Cardinal, but generally it doesn’t matter who). So it’s not his “fault”, whatever you’re trying to imply.

      But you are certainly correct, despite the horrible antonymy of humility/elegance, that, in the diversity of culture, there is a unity in the call to holiness.

  • Steffen

    Thank you fr. patrick mcmahon, for your comment. Actually, it reminds me of the Cologne Carnival.

  • Ed Lambert

    Perhaps Ratzinger “went for the gold,” so to speak in an effort to appease staunch traditionalists who like displays of old-time papal glory. We must keep in mind the ongoing dispute regarding Vatican II. Some think everything old was tossed out by the Council. Ratzinger publicly noted that this was not true, that there’s room for the old liturgy for those who want it. There are plenty of photos showing him in simpler styles more reflective of the “post-Council” manner.

  • Roderick Duhaney

    Guess the horse’s ass just lost his job for being a pompous version…..

  • Brigid

    I wonder why we as a church were able to move from the simple clothing of St. Peter to that of renaissance princes, not the clothing of the average renaisance man, but somehow got stuck there. Why did our clergy not move with the fashions of subsequent centuries? Why don’t they dress as an average 21st century person?

  • Giordano Bruno

    Appears the Holy Father has sent this fruit to the back of the line.

    Pope Francis, on the other hand, is a grown man, a serious adult, who takes his vocation, as priest and Bishop–to minister with kindness and compassion–seriously.

    The Church is done playing little girl dress up for a while, now that Ratzinger has removed himself (more on that to come in time, I’m sure).

    Francis is attracting all kinds not b/c he’s “liberal”–he isn’t. It’s because he’s simple, and authentic, and genuinely pastoral.

    Time for the men to take over.

  • Robert

    the cardinal looks absolutely ridiculous… the martyrs must be turning in their graves to witness this travesty of their ultimate sacrifice…

  • Maggie

    I think that everyone forgets that with Cardinal Burke, we are seeing beauty in the lovely garments that are made by men and women who have wonderfully artistic talents, which you all forget comes from God, rather than those plain cheap looking nothings that looks like it came from WalMart and China that is seen in most churches. Also, personally, I am sick and tired of seeing women looking like men at church with their raggy denims and tight fitting slacks, and you know what half hanging out. Same with the men. No class, no respect for the goodness and beauty that could be. People look like a bunch of barbarians and as if they came out of caves today and don’t seem to have any respect for their appearance whatsoever. It would be far better to see virtue and modesty, women actually looking like women as well and real care and actual beauty in appearance, when anyone comes before the King of Kings. So, I highly respect Cardinal Burke for realizing who he is coming before, and also acknowledging the gorgeous and I’m sure time consuming workmanship that real true caring artists put into the clothing. Shame on the lot of you for your tremendous disrespect and nastiness regarding a very honorable and noble man, as well as those who make such beautiful garments, and perhaps seek confession for such vile thoughts and comments against this good, wise, and yes, a priest of Christ.

  • Craig

    No heterosexual woul wear that. He apparently liks effeminate lace….He is pompous and arrogant everything Christ would criticize.

    • I think you are pompous and arrogant to imply Cardinal Burke is homosexual. It’s actually sinful. BTW, there are many photos of John XXIII, Paul VI, and Cardinal Wotyla (before becoming pope) wearing cappae magnae. And, if you’re liberal, aren’t you joing Pope Francis in welcoming to the “special gifts” of homosexuals?

  • John Wilson

    What did Jesus wear?

    • JuanPedro

      Too late, sir: someone else already asked that.

  • Ed Lambert

    Cardinal Burke is to be respected for the strong stand he takes regarding Church doctrine and morals. I think he does himself a disservice, though, in that his use of out-of-favor prelatial attire allows critics to focus on non-essentials and use them as their arguments against the substance of an issue. For example: eschewing the cappa and galero would not give excuse to critics for bringing in sexuality and sexual orientation.

  • LJK

    The pictures made me sad. Not just Burke’s attire but the adoring assembly because they seem to be adoring Burke more than God. Luckily reading the comments made me laugh, especially the history of the cappa magna and ‘what would Jesus wear?’.

  • Rufina Jordan

    The attire of Cardinal Burke is not the real issue here. The clothes do not make the man. Jesus came not to be served but as one who serves. It was after some hundred years later that the leaders of the Church started calling themselves, “Princes” of the Church and started dressing as such. St. Peter would have found himself extremely uncomfortable in such attire.
    Emperors’ and kings’ clothes were designed to show wealth, power and glory which Jesus rejected in the three temptations in the desert.(Luke,4:1-13).

  • Jack in CA

    I find Cardinal Burke archaic, both in his attire and in his pastoral approach. His recent fall from grace with Pope Francis should serve as a strong message to Cardinal Burke and all the cardinals and bishops aligned with his rigid, harsh treatment of simple men and women of the Church. The Pope’s “dressing down” of the cardinal should stand as a clear message.

  • I’m 92. I regard his attire as 100% unchristian. I admire Papa Francesco yet I fear he will not be the great reformer in lifting our Church into a more visibly authentic ecclesia. I pray that he will emulate Papa Giovanni XIII. He would then have many enemies.
    Bien a` vous de la part de Aryeh Hatikvah a Sydney Australia. []

  • Elizabeth

    Im quite dismayed by the attacks on Cardinal Burke for his garments. Are we Catholics to strip down all beauty, honor, decor & lovely outward display of our love for the Lord our God? Have the freemasons, Marxists & liberals who hijacked V 2 turned us into fashion police or have they succeeded in dethroning Christ? Our Churches have been stripped down to look like protestsnt halls & so Cardinal Burke just looks a bit out of place. God have mercy

    • Servant Servant

      God have mercy on anyone who thinks a clergyman should dress up like some 14th century Royal prince! Outward beauty is seductive! It can look appealing. It lures like the song of the siren – but it lures one away from Christ.. Wearing gaudy gowns and pretentious hats with little bobbles is a slap in the face of the simplicity that is in Christ! And you think “freemasons, Marxists and liberals” have hijacked Vatican 2? What do these “traditionalists” long for – a return to the Borgia Popes? They had a flair for glitter and dazzle and opulence! Ask yourself, who has hijacked the Gospel of Christ? Where is it in these royal robes? “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up” (James 4:10). “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble” (1 Peter 5:5). Don’t exchange the Gospel of Christ for glitter and pretense. In the end, glitter and pretense are nothing but fleeting promises – and one finally learns that they have thrown away the truth for a lie.

  • Tim P

    All the negative posts I read here are the same things that have been said about Catholics and the Church since the time of the protestant rebellion. Nothing new.

    • Ray Souza

      Because nothing’s changed! This guy exemplifies what’s wrong with the Catholic Church. I can’t imagine a man who has truly devoted his life to Jesus dressing in this outrageous manner. So what HAS he devoted his life to?

  • Don Peter

    These images of Cardinal Burke contrast with Pope Francis who eschewed the red shoes and wore his old black boots (repaired) to his installation as Pope, who went the and paid personally for his hotel bill at the counter, who substituted a simpler Ford for the old Mercedes, who used to catch the bus as a cardinal, who took a cut lunch and carried his own briefcase onto a plane as pope.

    One could argue that Cardinal Burke’s vestments are part of a rich medieval Vatican tradition but most people today can agree with Hamlet – these but the ‘trappings and outward show’. As Christians we need to be possessed of a simplicity of spirit, a humility and a simple dignity of dress. The idea of status and especially of being surrounded by obeisant, servile prelates is inimical to what Jesus really taught: it owes much more to Constantine and the Roman public service than it does to the gospel.

    • enzo

      so just because bergoglio does or doesn’t do something, suddenly it’s just a divine mandate?
      what is it with people and their worship of men… unbelievable.

      • Bob Jones

        Bergoglio? Bergoglio? Are you referring to the Holy Father?
        So there it is. Out in the open. Your contempt for the Pope, on clear display, for everyone to see. Who are you, one of Cardinal Burke’s employees? Get off of here, troll.

  • Brian Palmer

    Cardinal Burke and all bishops and cardinals for that matter should have their choir dress radically altered, but it should illustrate their office as shepherds not magistrates. I suggest a simple white, black, dark blue, or grey cassock in lamb’s wool, complete with matching hood and street cape. The cassock would have scarlet or purple trim and a pair of purple or scarlet tabs to replace the Roman collar.
    A tasteful pectoral cross on chain, a gold signet ring for sealing documents, a distinctive broad stole worn in a manner distinctive to a bishop displaying signs and symbols of his episcopal office completes the ensemble. With a wooden shepherd’s staff to be carried within the cardinal/bishop’s territory of jurisdiction, or a book of the gospels.
    In choir an alb and sleeveless white lamb’s wool tunic (not unlike the mantelleta but longer) to be worn over the street cassock. Together with white shoes and dalmatic with chasuable replacing the tunic this completes the pontifical outfit for Masses and celebrating other sacraments/offices.

    Copes are restricted to cantors or the schola. Dalmatics are optional for deacons. Mitres and gloves are abolished. As is the the cappa magna, lace rochets, coats of arms, and gilded thrones/throne rooms.

    Palaces,limousines,private chapels, ewers and basins,gremials, the bugia, and the courtly extras are also abolished.

    The rest of the choral dress the Church has now is just too much. It’s gaudy, suggestive of a New Orleans cat house queen, and reminiscent of a costume ball. Just ditch it.

  • Bishop Smokey307

    I believe the Holy Father has spoken loudly about Cardinal Burke by not reappointing him to the curial office on bishops and by publically encouraging him and other members of the Rota to consider mercy in their decisions. Cardinal Burke’s ship of state has become a ghost ship. When I was consecrated bishop, I wore a simple Franciscan habit mostly because, as an independent catholic, I couldn’t afford anything grander. Simple choir dress for a bishop costs more than $1000. I came into some money and did eventually did purchase choir attire, but had it not been for an accidental death award, I would still use just my habit. I imagine Cardinal Burke’s choir attire was in the $5000-$10000+ range and I imagine he didn’t pay for it out of his own pocket. My suggestions for clerical attire would be to first do away with choir attire. The basic black cassock would be proper to all clerics. Bishops would have purple piping and cardinals would have scarlet piping. The surplice would be common to all clerics. Clerical head attire would be gone. The symbols of episcopacy would be a crozier for an ordinary in his diocese and ring symbolizing the marriage of a bishop to his people. That’s it. A cleric should be set apart as a servant but not too far apart.

    • enzo

      Your Holy Father also doesn’t want to be called “Holy Father.” Thought you should know he threw that away too, Your Excellency.

    • enzo

      Your suggestions and your price tags are utterly damnable and contemptuous of all that is Dignified in Christ’s sight.


    • That sounded like something Amy Farrah-Fowler might say.

    • Kynan O’Brien

      sorry to tell you this but you cant be an independent Catholic as part of being Catholic is submission to the Holy Father and the Magisterium, therefore no matter how you defend it, you are a protestant if you do not submit to the Holy Father

  • Alberto

    Sembra un principe rinascimentale!!

    Che differenza con la sciatteria liturgica di altri vescovi e preti !!!

    ” la poverta’ deve fermarsi ai piedi dell’altare”

    San Francesco d’Assisi

  • Theresa Haggerty

    This kind of finery does not represent the church at its best. It seems to represent a desire for the grandeur of long gone days. It is a time for simpler living. We Catholics need to set a better example to the world–no more bling.

  • Kynan O’Brien

    guys, cappa magna originates in history as a way of covering the horse, but right at the beginning of a Pontifical SHM, watch any of the videos and read any liturgical book, the Prelate is stripped of the garment as a symbol of the fact that worldly authority and pride has no place at the altar, its elaborate so that the prelate is publicly stripped of the grandiose of the outside world and humbled before the people he serves and humbled before God, after that, the lace and all of the gold and fineries within the sanctuary are there as a way of showing God’s Glory to all people. the bishop on his mitre, the infulae are from origin, the markers from the old and new testament, and they serve as a reminder to all present that we are part of the covenant between God and Abraham and that we are also part of the new covenant, so i beg of you, brothers and sisters in Christ, show this cardinal the respect he deserves as your canonical superior, and as a child of God, hold off the insults to him as he is the one of few people that will dare to hold onto the symbolism that has lasted through the centuries.

    Pax Christi

    • JuanPedro

      Amen, alleluia! One of the best comments here.

  • Tom

    For Catholics to re-evangelize the non-Christian western culture there must be a balance between worshiping Christ (wherein we receive His grace) and then bringing Christ to others in the world. My opinion that the amount of detail and expense that goes into Cardinal Burke’s liturgical dress, as well as the ornate forms he habitually prefers actually detract from the Church’s mission of evangelization. I am by no means an iconoclast or minimalist. I enjoy incense, a well-decorated church, a flowing liturgy, Gregorian chant, etc., so please don’t label me a Marxist. My point is this: do we really need this level of pomp and ceremony in order to go out and share the Gospel with the world? Is God more truly glorified with silk, jewels, and lace or with repentant sinners returning to the fold and the poor being cared for? How much of our energy and resources are being poured into “perfect liturgies,” (which, incidentally, are not possible this side of heaven)? There is a point at which God ceases to be the center of glorification by all of the elaborate symbolism, and instead the Church begins to glorify herself and loses sight of her mission. Thank you for reading. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, we love you, save souls!

    • enzo

      If you knew anything, Tom, you would know that he doesn’t own any of those clothes.

      Your delightful “poor looking” priests, however, do commission scores of new vestments to look “poor”, and they cost just as much as any “elaborate” piece all these Judases are harping about, to their own damnation.

      Burke owns his own cassocks. That’s about it.

      Before we throw mud at Christ, at least try to recognize Him so you can aim right.


      • Tom

        Enzo, I did not say the Cardinal owns his vestments. But the frequency with which he appears in such fineries sends a message to the world that Catholicism is a church for the wealthy. And are you saying that a cape of 30 yards of silk cost the same as something one could buy from an Autom catalog? Come on.

        It seems like you’ve taken a few things I said out of context. I did not advocate for poor-looking vestments for the liturgy. I sense black-and-white thinking here, from both you and the Cardinal. Its time for you to recognize, my brother, that though we are all called to responsible stewardship, Christ did not come to establish a kingdom of temporal power or wealth. He came to set captives like you and me free from such concerns. To repeat, I am NOT saying that we should have bland liturgies. But there is absolutely such a thing as too much.

        Blessings to you!

    • John

      Yes. We do need it. The Extraordinary Form is a magic bullet against the sludge of modernism. It is different from everything else. A bland, protestantized liturgy is an invitation to stay home, so most do. If the Eucharist really is what we say it is, it should be presented with the highest reverence we can muster. It is the theology behind what you call “pomp” and “ceremony” in the liturgy that the devil and the world hate so much. The Ad Orientem concecration wordlessly catechizes us toward the full import of the “Supper of the Lamb” and ties in the Last Supper with the Crucifixion and the Resurrection, the full nature of Christ’s sacrifice. “They” do not want us to have that — they would prefer a safe, bland “common” liturgy that pretends the Last Supper was a last night out with His buddies. This does not effectively “share the Gospel” with the world, as you say. It produces a “meh” in the populace. The Extraordinary Form produces Extraordinary disciples. We call them saints. And the only human souls in heaven are saints.

      • Tom

        Sorry, John. You must have misread my post. If you look closely you’ll see that I do enjoy incense, Gregorian chant, and other elements of beauty in the liturgy. A question to ponder? How is it possible that Blessed mother Teresa was able to obtain so much grace to help others when she attended only or almost exclusively the Ordinary Form of the Mass? And who is more effective in spreading the Faith, Mother Teresa or Cardinal Burke? Yes, the world should be amazed by the beauty of the Catholic liturgy. (Again, please reread my original post.) But this is possible without looking ostentatious, and without the celebrant with his back to the people. Both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms of the Mass are capable of bringing the faithful into the Eternal Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

        • Beth

          “Yes, the world should be amazed by the beauty of the Catholic liturgy. ”
          I’m not a Catholic yet, just in the “fan club” if you will, and reading. The beauty of the Church is what got my attention (browsing photos on Flickr, of all places) – I’ll never get tired of it. It isn’t *necessary* everywhere, but it’s human nature to appreciate great beauty. It works with the divine.
          I get Pope Francis’ more ascetic style, as well. It works too – but it doesn’t mean everyone needs to be the same.
          I see the differences holistically; it’s all part of one Church, each serving its purpose.
          I don’t want to sit in an austere Baptist church building and think about it once a week. Give me the history and beauty, it’s timeless.
          I wish those who complain about splendor saw the beauty, the divine gifts, that we do. It’s good for the soul. :)

  • Irena

    I prefer simplicity we can wear elaborate dodads. But are our hearts in Good standing with God. I think God prefers our hearts souls to be beautiful rather than fancy clothes

    • enzo

      Next time you purchase a piece of nice clothing for your children or a loved one, I hope these words come back to haunt you.

      • Bob Jones

        Enzo, I’ll let you know the next time I spend several thousand dollars on a twenty foot long cape that requires someone walking a half a block behind him to wrangle it, for any of my children.

    • Johann

      Humility is a virtue, not simplicity. We prefer simplicity because it is visible to all (i.e. Pope Francis), but it is humility that matters, and humility cannot be seen by the naked eye (i.e. perhaps Pope Francis?). It seems, therefore, that the abandonment of such traditions and garments which serve to elevate man’s prayer and turn him to virtue is deeply misplaced. May God bless both this Holy Prince and our Pontiff.

  • enzo

    I am really enjoying all the comments from these JUDASES.

    The passage of being “VOMITED OUT” from the mouth of the Lord on the Latter day really comes to mind.

    God have mercy on your souls, and on your tongues of hatred for Christ which are set to burn for eternity.

    Awful. Awful hatred of Christ. Hatred of His Church. You are truly Judases, and truly rotten to the core.

  • Johann

    May God Bless this Holy Prince of the Church. His steadfastness, courage, and humility are an example to all. I find it revolting to read so many detracting comments from prideful ignoramuses and Marxists. Clearly, such individuals do not follow Christ’s Church and lack any understanding of the virtue of humility. May God have mercy on you.

    • Servant Servant

      Seems you ultra-traditionalist types like to call anybody who has a different vision of the Gospel of Christ than you: Marxists, or Freemasons, or Liberals—–or, God forbid, Protestants! Incredible! I haven’t seen one “Marxist” statement here. Perhaps a study of modern ideologies is in order!

  • Tom

    That Cappa Magna outfit is an affront to Christ. What a ridiculous costume.

    • Hugh

      Are you saying that most of the cardinals since the late middle ages until 50 years ago were an ‘affront’ to our Blessed Lord?

  • Duane Lamers

    Image is important in the eyes of Pope Francis; it is not substantial, but it is important. Perhaps this is one reason why he has not confirmed Cardinal Burke in his present position. Word has it, by the way, that Burke is about to lose this position and be relegated to the role of patron of the Knights of Malta.

    That is too bad, given that Burke has done nothing wrong. I admire Burke for his traditional views regarding moral issues, and I wish that the pope would appoint him to a diocese, perhaps back here in the States. I do think, though, that his penchant for flamboyancy is off-putting.

    By the way, Burke was wrong to wear a cappa with an ermine hood. Pope Paul VI abolished the ermine back in 1969 and forbade the wearing the cappa in the diocese of Rome.


    “I feel pretty…Oh, so pretty…So pretty and witty and GAY!”

  • Mark Lipinski

    I wouldn’t trust this guy alone with my son.

  • I thank God that that pompous bigot with the small mind and the fabulous cape will be dead soon.

  • DCI

    What? That apron looks like one Hazel used to wear on the TV show of the’60’s. The Queen of England called, she is missing that big red hat and wants it back. There are websites devoted to this guy’s diva act.

  • Phil Marsden

    Cardinal Burke makes me sick. He is an inciter of hatred and an embarrassment to the church.

    (United Kingdom)

  • PaganSun

    What a truly magnificent queen he is indeed . I am particularly fond of him in the picture depicting his bright red Easter bonnet and that other picture of the young boy kneeling before him … very telling to say the least.

  • sue

    Is this what God intended for his followers? Somehow, I doubt it.

    • Hugh

      yes it is. Do you insult the tradition of the Church? such is blasphemy.

  • Don Maheu

    What a rectal orifice!

  • Fr. John Malcovich

    I’m sure this man is gay!

  • Bro. John Boylan, OEF

    This kind of hubris made a mockery of the Gospel 800 years ago when the Francis, for whom the pope took his name, was on the scene. It is worse now, for these pompous “princes” have had plenty of time to let go of this bullshit! More importantly, and more regrettably, is what this all represents: these guys have the heretical belief that THEY are the Magisterium, “the Teaching Authority” of the Church. They are incapable of teaching anybody about anything when they fail to inspire by their lifestyle, their compassion, their pastoral care. Burke is all about “orthodoxy” (and a narrow understanding of what THAT is about!)and demonstrates by his exercise of power as a form of control that he dismisses and discounts authentic Gospel “orthopraxy.” Has he never read what Jesus says in John’s Gospel? Namely, “Men [sic] of authority make their power felt. It is not to be that way with you!”

  • j a barnwell

    What a clown. He has more lace than Macy’s table cloth department.

  • Kynan O’Brien

    guys, what happened to Christ’s golden rule, and where is the love in this discussion, you are all so quick to judge his character as evil or wrong, but none of you will say that he is a good man who will follow the Church’s instruction on the correct way to say either form of the Mass, that is orthopraxy at its highest, benefiting the spiritual needs of his flock, Fr John, you should, as his subordinate in canon law, not be saying things like that about your superiors, you are a bad example to follow and if what he does was correct and legal 1000 years ago, and the Holy Father has not changed any of that, it is still correct and legal today, the Holy Father has not changed it, so i feel, none of you should comment on the character of this priest and bishop if the Holy Father has not spoken against it,

  • Rob

    With the imminent announcement about the Eminent Burke being removed from the Apostolic Signatura. His Holiness Francis is quiet and humble….but certainly not naive or stupid. He’s got Burke sized-up correctly and is acting on it.

  • Naturgesetz

    Normal people find occasional splendor, on special occasions, entirely appropriate. A liturgical event presided over by a bishop or pope should not look like daily Mass in a parish church. But that does not mean that absolutely everything (clerical garb, ceremony, title) which has ever been invented is permanently appropriate.

  • jeff

    cant wait till the Pope sends this heretic to Malta. Nothing could be finer than his new post.

    • Hugh

      what heresy?

  • Gary5

    I wonder how much all that watered silk cost? A beautiful vestment for mass is one thing, an outfit primarily denoting rank is something altogether different. Nor do I think that this is related in any way to buying expensive ointment for the feet of Jesus.

    • JMinneapolis

      His Magna Cappa was listed as $36,000.

  • Kate Grace

    Looks like Bella Abzug in that large brimmed red hat!

  • Listers, the post was updated today with five new photographs.

  • Fabio

    He looks like the Queen of England

  • Joyce Griffith

    Our Church needs more Cardinals of the same caliber of Cardinal Burke.

    • Gerard Mills

      Mincing old queen who hates what he has repressed all his life! Methinks the lady protesteth too much!

  • Amanda

    I hope that the Holy Spirit sees fit to elect Cardinal Burke as our next Holy Father. I feel that the holy Mother Church needs to return to the rich liturgy,prayers and music,along with modest dress that we enjoyed before Vatican II.

  • Renee

    Oh, what a saint!

    • Marty Dancy

      I have no problem with people sometimes wearing illustrious robes for a certain ceremony. Some brides have lovely trains flowing behind them at their weddings and sparkling gowns for a wonderful day. I see nothing wrong with that, even though many brides do not go out for all that. The queen of England dresses in beautiful clothes and wears a tiara for certain functions and I like to watch that. My family got up at 3:00AM to watch the royal wedding years ago with Princess Dianna and also the latest one and we all loved those fanfares. It was fun to see it on TV. I love to watch military parades with grandour, etc. There are times when elaborate dress is appropriate and I see no reason to have such hatred for all that. I love tradition and the costumes that go with it on certain occasions and see no reason to do away with it. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to watch it or go to an event. Let’s get off the bickering on clothes and talk about something more interesting.

  • Emp. Hadrian

    It would be better for this man to strip to his underpants than to continue to make a fool of himself by dressing so ridiculously. It would seem that the people of this church would demand a better avenue for their money. Stupidity at it’s best.

  • Alex

    Please Brothers and Sisters watch out! This kind of strong disagreements and conflicts in the Church today can be the first days of the last great schism that St. Francis of Assisi prophesied. And this is what Satan wants. Remember, Catholic = Universal

    The peace of Our Lord be with you

  • Bob Jones

    I’m struggling to understand how good Catholics can be so positive about Cardinal Burke, when he has done everything but spit in the face of Pope Francis.

    • Hugh

      Because Burke is one of the few cardinals standing against the novel praxis of our Pope.

      God’s Tradition, in Practice and Teaching, is Sacred beyong all measure, may such a holy gift be preserved until the last day.

  • Hugh

    Wow there are some people here who seem to really hate Burke. to all people here who have commented on his attire, attitude, strictness or excommunications:
    1. this kind of dress has been worn for hundred of years! do you denounce the tradition Of Holy Mother Church?
    2. excommunication should be more common now days because there is more heresy, why do you have a problem with Orthodoxy?
    3.i have met him and he is very Kind, caring and his first comment about the problem with the state of the world today is that is not enough love of God and love of the poor, i dont think Christ would have disapproved there.

  • Douglas Clifford

    I thought that Pope Paul VI had banned the use of the Cappa Magna. I understand that the late Cardinal Spellman of New York was incensed that he was no longer able to mince around in this garb of earthly glory.

  • Ink

    Burke was Cardinal of St. Louis from 2003 to 2008, a period during which he imported predator priests into his diocese from other areas in order to shield them from investigation. According to the clergy sex-abuse survivor advocacy group SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests), Burke was “reckless, deceptive and callous regarding predator priests, vulnerable kids and wounded victims” during his tenure. Nuff said

    • Mary

      Yep. He protected the monsters who preyed on children, ruining countless lives. I’ll never understand what part of “Holy Mother Church” that serves.

  • Mary

    Can you imagine a meeting between Burke, dressed in his finery, and Jesus Christ, in simple robes and sandals? The “Holy Mother Church” some of you talk about, do you believe it should elevate a few men to the role of prince, to live in the lap of luxury while squeezing the people in the pews for every last dime and even closing their local parishes for “lack of funds?” For those who object to this article showing photos of Burke tricked out in his royal clothing, why not post photos of Burke in working clothes serving the poor?

  • McBat41

    Burke placing the church’s problems with pediophilic priests on radicallized feminists makes no sense whatever. Clergy have been abusing both boys and girls for centuries. As for his garish robes all that does is turn off those who cannot afford to clothe themselves or family. It would appear the man is no more in touch with the Church of today than one who is not a member.

  • Roxie52

    I think Pope Francis demoted him

    • Kynan O’Brien

      demotion of a cardinal requires the title of cardinal to be removed (which is possible) its not a demotion, just a reassignment

  • Yes I’m sure this freak is gay and a woman-hater!

  • PM Ruigh

    For a man who is upset about the feminization of the church by alter girls should perhaps take a look at his own attire.

  • Rob Sunico

    I got really mad when I saw Burke and his costly vestments. There are millions of catholics who need help and here is a man traipsing around in vestments that could feed so many. I am equally appalled at all at his supporters. To them I say, “What would Jesus do with a man like him?”

  • Mila

    rich man – poor man with an empty soul

  • Sam Ferraro

    I support Cardinal Burke 100 % but some of those vestments are a little over the top.

  • john the lesser

    If only this saintly man could become pope one day

  • Servant Servant

    I can’t believe Romans are so deceived! Look at those robes -and Jesus had no place to lay His head!