I STAND WITH THE CATHOLIC CHURCH: 10 Graphics In Defense of the Church

An unjust law is no law at all – we will not and cannot not comply.

[banner] I stand with the Catholic Church

Listers, the HHS mandate has jolted the soporific Catholic Church in America into action. We are at war. We are in a multi-front conflict that cannot be reduced to violations of religious liberty. The Church is calling the faithful to stand against the scourge of abortion, the unnatural and artificial recreation of marriage and family, and the inalienable right for Catholics to worship God in the mass and serve him in the poor according to the truth of the Gospels. As our world abandons God and natural law for the dictatorship of relativism, Holy Mother Church is calling us to defend the faith and to promote that which is natural and rational in man.

Spread the faith. Spread the truth. Let people know where you stand. Do not be afraid.

Permission and Use: Permission is given, indeed, it is encouraged that you use these images for any personal means especially on your blog, facebook or twitter. All we ask is that you kindly credit us with a link back to this page (when possible) and that you don’t modify the images. To download them, you can simply right-click on any image and choose your browsers “save as” or “download as” option. If you’re on an iOS device you can simply tap and hold on an image and a dialog will appear allowing you to save the image. Finally, if you’d like to you can download all 10 images in a .zip file.

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1. I Stand with the Catholic Church

I Stand with the Catholic Church

2. Catholicam Sto cum Ecclesiam

Here is a Latin version of the same.

UPDATE 02/10/12: Mea culpa. Thanks to Josh McManaway in the comments and @JWY80 on Twitter for the reminder that “‘cum’ semper requirit casum ablativum.”

3. We Cannot – We Will Not – Comply

Echoing the words of our Bishops and the leaders of many Catholic institutions.

We Cannon - We Will Not - Comply

4. An Unjust Law is No Law

One of St. Augustine’s most famous quotes seems more applicable now than ever before in the history of the United States.

An Unjust Law is No Law

5. The Church Has Outlived Every Major Empire. Think Twice.

This isn’t the first time we have stood up and had to pay for it. We’re not going anywhere.

The Church has outlived every major Empire. Think Twice. HHS Mandate

6. The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail – Matthew 16:18

The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail - HHS logo

7. If “What Goes On” In The Bedroom Doesn’t Affect Me, Why Make Me Pay For It?

If what

8. Pregnancy Is Not A Disease

Pregnancy Is Not A Disease

9. “Give me an army praying the Rosary and I will conquer the world.” – Blessed Pope Pius IX

10. BONUS: Keep Calm and Catholic On

Keep Calm and Catholic On

Facebook Timeline Cover Images

Here are three images sized specifically for Facebook Timeline Cover Images. (You can thank Lister Tammy who made this suggestion in the comments.  Be sure to click the image and then save the full-sized version!




Listers, we’ve recreated our popular Keep Calm and Catholic On graphic. The papal tiara is an original SPL design and red will be the new theme color.  We will soon begin production of this graphic on various SPL merchandise.

In the midst of all the troubles and anxieties we as Catholics now face in this modernist world, please remember to faithfully attend mass, pray the rosary and most of all – Keep Calm and Catholic On.

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  • Ben

    What’s going on with the picture in #6?

    • Found your question interesting. It looks like the Social Security Adminstration’s logo doubled and facing downward doesn’t it?

    • C Johnston

      It is the logo (doubled) of the Department of Health and Human Services.

      • Justin

        I thought it was the Girls Scouts logo doubled and facing downward.

        • TDJ

          I see something else in #6…I rather not say. (Darn Rochard tests!)

    • Curtis

      This verse is the foundation of the Catholic church and the authority of St Peter down through St Benedict XVI

  • Andrea

    I guess what’s going on in the bedroom is affecting us after all.

  • Fr. REF

    I wish #5 read instead: “The Church has outlived EVERY Empire…Think Twice.”

    That’s actually the truth if you look at the history of institutions, peoples and nations: http://www.victorianweb.org/authors/macaulay/ranke1.html

    • Francine

      I wish it said “The Catholic Church has outlived every empire . . . Think Twice.”

      After all, there are millions of ‘church’es.

  • Ofovwe Lewis Chabor

    Nice Pictorials…Catholica in saecula

  • Awesome images! I will be sharing these with my readers. Thank you! :)

  • Just a note – “cum” takes the ablative, so it should be “ecclesia”, not the accusative case “ecclesiam”.

  • BHG

    Make these into lapel pins and t-shirts so we can take the message to the streets and into our offices!

    • Publicus

      These phrases and images have been classified as “hate speech” in Canada. Wearing them in public will get you arrested.

      Unless you work at your local diocese, wearing any of these images at work will get you a reprimand, if not outright fired, at work.

      Where I work, a major defense contractor, we are NOT allowed to have any displays of Judeo-Christian items. (too divisive) We CAN display anything that is:
      1. Pro-abortion
      2. Pro-gay
      3. Wiccan/Earth Mother/Gaia
      4. Buddhist/Confucius/Tao/Hindu
      5. Atheist/Communist/Socialist (!)

      and, drum roll please….

      6. ISLAM! (this shows that those who take their religion seriously, as in “kill the infidel,” are themselves taken seriously. Food for thought.)

      BUT, show a cross or star of david, get canned…..
      The tribulations are upon us….

      • jo

        This mandate is in the US–so Canadians need not worry.

        • Debra

          I beg to differ. If other faiths are welcome to wear such to work while Christians ar not, Canadians should indeed be worried, though perhaps not about the HHS mandate directly.

      • We’re definitely at the gates of tribulation. Who will finally kick them open?

  • BHG

    And bumper stickers!

  • Make it Keep Calm and say a Hail Mary !

    • Cheryl

      I like it but how about Keep Calm and say a Rosary!

  • liz

    #10 is the best thing ever. i’ve never found a good “keep calm and…” catholic version until now!!!!

    • I have a “Keep Calm and strive for sainthood” photo :)

  • i like the idea Keep Calm and say a Hail Mary. #11

  • Listers, please feel free to continue to post ideas. The response to these designs has been excellent, and we are planning on doing a batch of these types of images every so often.

    So please, throw out any ideas you have and maybe it will make it into the next group.

    Thank you.

  • TeaPot562

    Poster #9 and the description DON’T MATCH!!
    Is it Pius IX ? Or Pius XII?

    • Pius IX – Thanks for noticing the typo!

  • Tomy

    Great.. I stand with the Catholic Church

  • dymphna

    How about “If what goes on in your bedroom” doens’t concern me then why do I have to pay for it?

    and could you do a Keep calm and pray your rosary one?

  • In Phoenix we are having the the Catholic Mens Fellowship Conference on Febraury 25th- can I make a tshirt out of the “We Can Not We Will Not Comply” one and give it to Bishop Olmsted? (Oh and I’d probably make one for me too!)

    • Charles, I have emailed the address that was listed with this comment. Thank you.

  • You missed one … “Salus extra Ecclesiam non est”(St. Cyprian). There is no salvation outside the Church.

  • Listers, thank you for all the ideas. We are taking note for our next batch of graphics. We would also like to let you know that we are working out the details of an online shop with t-shirts, stickers, etc. So continue to throw out ideas and what type of merchandise you’d like to see.

    Also, the National Catholic Register has noted our graphics as well:

    Again, thank you for all the support.

    For Holy Mother Church,

    HH Ambrose
    Head Writer & Editor

    • Frank

      As I noted below, these signs are absolutely outstanding. the phrase, ““This isn’t the first time we have stood up and had to pay for it. We’re not going anywhere,” would also make an excellent mag car sticker!

  • Donna

    Great Designs! When are the t-shirts, pins, buttons, and canvas bags coming?
    Have you thought of selling them on Cafe Press? They sell custom designs..

    • ASAP. There is a link in the main post where you can now sign up to be notified when they’re available.

  • tammy

    I was hoping that the oblong image at the top was suitable for a cover photo on timeline.. the dimensions are off a bit.
    Would you reconsider formatting some of these for the Timeline cover? That’s an ideal place to share them!!

    I will also feature them on my blog.
    Also… Keep Calm and Pray the Rosary would be excellent.

    Thank you for doing this!!

    • Great idea. Uploading some versions for Facebook Timeline cover images now. Thank you!

  • Where can I get the tee-shirt? I think that I stand with the CHURCH on the front and unjust law is no law on the back would be a great design.

  • Catholicmom

    I am a very serious Catholic, but I have a problem with this. Not with standing by my Faith, but with the force of the statement. I want to protect, “the inalienable right for Catholics to worship God in the mass and serve him in the poor according to the truth of the Gospels.” My husband and I decided long long ago that we could best do this by adopting OLDER children out of foster care. Since we have very meager incomes (military and a teacher for emotionally impaired children) we stopped after our second biological child and had a vasectomy. We fall under, “the unnatural and artificial recreation of (marriage) and family” umbrella now. So is it evil that we chose to raise forgotten, broken children as our own, to teach them our faith along side our biological children? Would Christ really chastise me for it? If not, then why would his Church? If my situation is acceptable than by what standard? Who would Christ chastise? All people that opt to adopt or only those that adopt from over seas, or only those that are gay, or only those that adopt in place of having their own children, even if the child they adopt was sexually and physically abused and passed from home to home to home unwanted and feeling unloved? WHO WOULD CHRIST CHASTISE?

    • Thomas A. Szyszkiewicz


      Glad to hear of your serious Catholicism and of how you and your husband chose to reach out to older foster children. That is, in fact, a wonderful and fantastic outreach, something that is too little done by anyone, including serious Catholics. It takes much love and effort to do something like that and you are to be commended.

      I will point out however, that you seem to be feeling at a least a twinge of guilt over your husband’s vasectomy. No one here has said anything to you (since you just posted now) about it, so the defensiveness is unwarranted. And it’s clear that the sayings displayed on this site are pointed at the HHS mandate, not at you and your husband.

      “So is it evil that we chose to raise forgotten, broken children as our own, to teach them our faith along side our biological children? Would Christ really chastise me for it?” Of course He wouldn’t.

      “If not, then why would his Church?” His Church isn’t, either. I seriously doubt that any priest or bishop has ever reprimanded you for adopting older foster children.

      However, I believe your defensiveness points to something you already know — that having the vasectomy was wrong. I understand quite well being in a poor financial situation (being a writer/producer in the Catholic media isn’t going to make me into another Warren Buffett). But I will be frank – that does not justify bodily mutilation (there is no other way to describe it) in order to prevent having children. No one is chastising you for adopting. And no one is chastising you for the vasectomy, either, unless it’s your own conscience because you understand the truth of the Church’s teaching on contraception.

      If this is what is happening, then I would urge you to read or re-read Pope Paul VI’s encyclical, “Humanae Vitae”, and Dr. Janet Smith’s “Contraception: Why Not?” And if this reading convicts you of the sinfulness of this action, then go to Confession for your part in it and urge your husband to do the same. Repent, hear the healing words of absolution, and then go about your work with older foster children with a clear conscience.

      • Catholicmom

        I went to confession, and was told, “it’s a little late now.”

        • Debra

          exactly. What is done is done. You’re husband is not asked by the Church to undergo an invasive and risky procedure to attempt to undo it. And what you are doing, pouring out your love to these children, is good and important work. There are oh so many of us who have made similar mistakes. There is nothing for us to do but move forward from where we are.

        • Jack

          Just go to another priest- Jesus wants to heal all of us.

      • Joe

        Beautifully said.

      • You know what this is the most non-christian comment I may have ever read on a blogsite and your “frank” evil and uninformed comment was just not a thing I could breeze by—-

        I have worked in politics and christian studies for forty years and my first paper was written on the Catholic Cult in college and since then I have studied the origin of most religions and I have studied and written about the history of the bible which no sane person would ever speak of as the word of God who knew how we got to the King James version which has been translated through many languages and if you know these languages then you know a verbatim translation would have been impossible and if you follow them you know they are NOT even a close translation from book to book and what about the lost books of the bible everyone should read those and the original versions of the bible have been edited forever by political and religious leaders with a political and new world order agenda and it was these people who FIRST perpetuated the ever evolving NEW WORLD ORDER today and who are today the same ppl with the same agenda who built Vatican City for the sole purpose of taking over the entire world for political purposes and enacting a new world order and those christians slaughtered hundreds of thousands of people to that end and are still doing this political work today while working within our political system on both sides of the aisle to kill 90% of the world’s population in accordance with AGENDA 21 (a new world order agreement signed in 1992 by both President GW Bush and Clinton) within which our nation and 178 other nations agreed in writing to create a new world order and who agreed to the killing of 90% of the world’s population and the Catholic Church and the MORMON church and lots of other churches who are run by this machine who are Bohemian, Bilderburg, Skull and Bonesmen and who are directing or FBI and CIA and Homeland Security thugs to take us all to fema concentration camps and no woman should bring a child into this and I won’t do your research for you===

        know this they are all in on this plan as are all of our politicians,democrats and republicans and I know this because I have worked with them all for years from coast to coast and I do not have more time to school you because I am starting a new website and about to publish the story of my life which will include all my history with the new world orderers and from here if you want the truth you can do your own research as there are tens of millions of websites out there where you can both review the history of Catholicism and for that matter the history of the bible and christianity where you will learn that most of your forefathers who professed to be christians were war monsters who have been about the business of a new world order and slaughtering as many of us as possible so they can rule the world and I personally know priests and pastors and rabiis and well I know people from all faiths as I have studied them for decades and worked beside them in politics and I can tell you that todays’ pulpit leaders are more evil than ever before and to worship and to follow them and to preach to ppl in their names is absurd—

        hail mary’s and birth control my arse and to defend any part of these cults is demonic and to berate anyone in the name of god or to have them worship and follow these cult leaders is abominable and shows a sheeple form of ignorance and

        yes, I am a christian and no, I am not a god hating agnostic or worse but what I am is informed and you are clearly not—so I strongly want to suggest that you don’t spend any more valentine’s days preaching to innocent people online and study the history of your cult and why it was started—-

        which was totally for world domination and not for worshiping god—-but to worship ppl who have forever killed off all the people who did not want a new world order in the name of religion is a huge waste of your time and everyone’s time who you take the time to stop and chastise and preach to— and again, if I had time I would school you some more but I do online free counseling for 12 hours each nite for former war veterans who are all victims of the new world order and I also counsel for free rape victims worldwide and well, I do some of that charitable stuff that you are chastising with catholicmom over and for my work I spend the rest of my time trying to alert the world to the fact that we are already too late to avoid the new world order in america

        but we certainly can stop producing more children to go on gov. support like one in five of all children in america and have you not heard that the world is overpopulated by more than a billion ppl and counting and have you not read that for 6 decades our gov has been poisoning us with mercury in our teeth and agent orange on our crops and flouride in our water and in all of our chinese made foods and goods and that flouride is “metal shavings from the floors of our steel mill plants” and flouride is a metal that causes cancer,brain damage and so many more diseases and disorders and our leaders have put it into all our shots and all our meds and into our water and in case you haven’t heard—– our ground water is poison and not just from the flouride leaking from our tap water into the soils, but that it is radioactive from coast to coast and because 55 of our 110 nuclear power plants have been leaking into our ground water for five decades and

        ALL of the drugs produced by BIG PHARMA—

        who are Bilderburgers one and all—

        ARE FILLED WITH METALS AND MIND ALTERING POISONS WHICH IS WHY AMERICA IS NUMBER ONE FOR SICK PEOPLE— for cancer,for heart disease,parkinsons and alzheimers and more than 200 mind bending disorders and diseases like ADD, ADHD,
        BI-Polar disease,autism (one in 54 boys in america has or will have autism disease before the age of three and right after a round of gov.mandated shots) and we are number one in the world for schizophrenia,for clinical depression (the experts in the psych field have estimated that 50% of all americans suffer from clinical depression and if you look into the eyes of your neighbors you can see this is true and with the best medical care in the world we are number one for any and all diseases you can name and our gov. has made it a terrorist act (NDAA act) for anyone to grow food in america who does not use Monsanto (who also made the agent orange for our crops)genetically altered and poisonous seeds—and you can see all over youtube swat teams from coast to coast rounding up moms and pops at their fruit and vege stands and taking them to jail for growing organic food) and because of the NDAA act we no longer have a right to trial or a right to an attorney and can be detained in fema camps forever according to the NDAA act and for any woman to bring a child into this new world is insane and totally inconceivable to me but the DEMO-BLICANS as I have called them for forty years are operating under a ONE party system a New World NAZI system and I could give you a million reasons for why no woman should have a child in america for any reason but I am just setting up a new blog on wordpress and I got here totally by accident and since I have done a lifetime of work within the political and religious community I had to read a little and ended up reading the whole thing and all the comments and came back to “your rudeness” to give you a bit of the truth but so that you know—-

        the person who first suggested I write a class paper on the history of the catholic church was the same person who first told me about the new world order and the churches, many churches who were and are still today involved in the creation of a new world order was Father SAM—-who was a 40 year practicing oklahoma Catholic priest who had lost all faith in his church and not because of the current day horrors of the celibate gay priests who have molested our children===but because of the centuries of catholic priests who raped the nuns and killed their babies—and he had lost faith in his church because of its continuing involvement in creating a new world order in the name of God—-so,Father Sam was my boyfriends priest for his whole life and we began to start going to his parrish and getting drunk with him on saturday nites because we were not old enough to drink in public and father sam began telling us of the horrors of the church and in the 70’s—- he told us there were lots of priests who were already raping young boys with the full knowledge of the vatican and

        he told us that the “straight” priests before them raped the nuns and killed their newborn babies—before they began raping young boys and girls and it was common knowledge among the leaders in the catholic church in the 70’s that all this was going on and had been for hundreds of years and before so many of the priests were genetically gay as they have been for the past four decades in america and before the world learned of the molestation this cult let it keep on happening—so check out the million baby cemetary outside of mexico city where more than a million dead babies of nuns have been buried for more than a hundred years and

        know that I have been writing about all our religious cults and their relation to the new world order for four decades and your arrogance was too much to ignore—

        way too much–and in closing I died and went to heaven in the 70’s and I KNEW the presence of god and I knew the presence of a GOD who would never support these cults and who would never support the gross overpopulation of our planet and who would never allow more than a billion ppl in the world and more than two million ppl mostly kids who live on our streets to go to bed hungry every nite of their miserable lives and my GOD would not expect all of us or just the catholics to continue to produce more mouths to feed—when we are not feeding the mouths in our own country much less the starving ppl around the world—-

        GOD would believe this to be madness—he is a man who believes we should get the kids off of our streets and feed the worlds poor before we make more kids because a cultist church tells us too and you watch where your “leaders” will be when your gov. comes to take you off to a fema concentration camp “in the name of GOD” just watch—-and may GOD save the USA and it’s sheeple one and all

    • Julie Dumois

      To CatholicMom:

      There is no greater advocate of adoption than the Catholic Church. “Chastise” I have never felt that way and I too am both devout and an adoptive and biological mom. I am also alive today although my parents were refugees when they found out they were expecting me. They did not speak English, had but the clothes on their backs and no where to live. But with faith and hope and trust in their God they welcomed another child. It all worked out and I’ve had an amazing life. They have since passed on, and that is indeed part of the lesson here, that ultimately God knows best for us, that He tries to work in our lives and that if we can bring ourselves to surrender to his will (ie:birthcontrol) he can work miracles. And that when we fail to do so and make mistakes there is forgiveness and absolution. I hope you find peace and continue your amazing work.

  • The catholic church has suffered enough under obama. No to abortion, no to contraceptive. GOD GUIDE us and the whole who wish humanity well. Fight all fatherr fight for the wailing unborn. God bless you

  • Pinned some of these! They’re fabulous graphics.

  • Heather

    BUMPER STICKERS, PLEASE!!!!!!!! Wonderful!

    • Cheryl

      I would like magnetic bumper stickers…that way when they get worn out they are easily replaced.

      Love these. I would like the pink one about babies are not a disease as a FB timeline thing.


  • Kathy

    These are so great! I can’t wait to get some of everything for everyone I know! Thank you so much! And I agree, the chastisement is upon us – We all need to prepare to be martyrs and then saints! Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam! Deo Gratias!!

  • L

    how about;
    “Get thee behind me Obama!”

  • Sara

    Thank you for being a light in this dark time!! My prayer is this particular “ruling” will draw the Church together and unite all who love God. We cannot let this stand. Thank you for spreading the message and enabling all to bring TRUTH to our nation.

  • Deacon Pat Bradley

    As a chaplain at the county hospital I work in an interfaith environment. Some of my collogues are Baptist, Evangelical, Anglican, Pentecostal, all are ordained ministers. They are just as upset as we are. They would like some of these that are not overtly Catholic. Has anyone come up with some of these that have a cross instead of the keys on them?

  • Stay calm and pray three Hail Marys.

  • Ann

    How about Chesterton’s “The Catholic Church has gone to the dogs at least three times in history and each time IT IS THE DOG WHO DIED!” Love the graphics. Great job. Anxiously awaiting decals and tee shirts.

  • JG

    When will these t-shirts be coming out? Please order them soon, I would really like to by some. Love especially: “we cannot we will not” “we have outlived every major empire, think twice” “if what happens in the bedroom doesn’t affect me why am I paying for it”. Congratulations on a job well done!

  • S.Murphy


    “a little late now?” Doesn’t sound like an intelligent or useful comment; but I don’t know the context or what Fr was thinking. Vasectomies can be reversed, I think. If not, then, okay, you carry on as best you can, read Humanae Vitae if you haven’t already, pray over it together with your husband; & keep on with the good that you are doing with your biological and adopted kids; but seek out a better spiritual adviser- see if you diocese has spiritual directors to help you with prayer and discernment.

    I mean, it sounds like you were saying you stopped having biological children in order to be able to afford to adopt. It sounds like a good intention

  • Julie Dumois

    Any update on possible date for t-shirts and bumper stickers?

  • UPDATE: Listers, SPL is working as quickly as possible to bring you shirts and stickers. We chose to go with quality over celerity. Samples of shirts and stickers are already on their way to SPL.

    We will be launching a store soon and we will continue to develop new graphics. We do not view this as a singular event, but the beginning of SPL providing media and products to faithful and proud Catholics. Attacks on Holy Mother Church are not going away any time soon – so neither are we.

    PHOTOS: We have had listers send us photos of our graphics they have printed out and used as signs to protest the HHS mandate and/or Obama. If you or any group you work with is doing something similar, please send us pictures. We would love to see any pictures of our graphics being used to support the Church.

    Thank you.

  • stk

    I have notified my pastor and fellow parishioners of these quotations. I plan to put two on my auto shades.

    Why not make white, or Navy blue hoodies, messenger bags, and earth bags with these sayings on them to spread our faith.

  • Ted

    We need one more… Take #3, remove “We Can Not”, and have it simply say “We Will Not Comply.”

    • Matt

      This is actually a direct quote from Cardinal Dolan, that is why it’s written the way it is.

  • Judy Saoud

    I want shirts and bumper stickers:]

  • Ben

    You made it to the American Papist blog! Nice :)

  • bea

    Quis ut DEUS ? “Who is like God?”

  • Margaret Realy

    Where can I get bumper stickers? Seriously…where?

  • stk

    Put the sayings on messenger bags.

  • julie

    Any news on the stickers and shirts. It’s been quite a while. We need them now while the controversy is still being covered

    • Rayma

      Yes PLEASE – We wanted them to give to our church members for lent – Can we get a copyright approval or a timeline on when you might have them for sale.

  • Regina

    I’m DYING for the t-shirts…I can’t wait until they become available. I’ll be buying so many!

  • susan

    THE LINK TO BE NOTIFIED DOESN’T WORK…ARRRRGGHHH!!! Are we getting close to t-shirt launch??? i WANT TO ORDER A bunch!

  • Listers, the SPL Store in now open. Enjoy and thank you for all the encouragement. Please know that SPL can create custom t-shirts for your parish or small group.


    HH Ambrose

  • Joe

    You need to correct the mis-match in pricing for the magnetic bumper stickers. $5 vs $6 — http://shop.stpeterslist.com/images/sidebar-ad.jpg

  • Frank

    I’m ordering several of these magnetic stickers for my car!
    I really like the one “The Church Has Survived Every Major Empire Think Twice! But the statement above it:

    “This isn’t the first time we have stood up and had to pay for it. We’re not going anywhere,” would also make an excellent mag car sticker!

    Great stuff! Just outstanding!
    It’s time to push back!

  • Nicholas Jack Herrmann

    Would like to see all of the above images made compatable with Facebook timeline!

  • I would buy a t-shirt with the “Keep Calm and Catholic On” message. Keep that one in mind…

    • Good to hear. We are actually in the final stages of development for both men’s and women’s “Keep Calm and Catholic On” shirts.

  • CraigeGrant

    Exo 20:1 And God spake all these words, saying,
    Exo 20:2 I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
    Exo 20:3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
    Exo 20:4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:
    Exo 20:5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
    Exo 20:6 And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.
    Exo 20:7 Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain; for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

    we should read the bible,we don’t only lie to those preachings,if we love God,we should follow him through his true Words,not in the others mouth that only carries the bible.,because some of the truth they are just keep it..so we need to have our bible personally,so we can meditate it and we can learn about the truth that writtin in the BIBLE…one question..IF YOU DIE TODAY,ARE YOU SURE WHERE IS YOUR SOUL GOING TO?…ask your heart,if you are saved or not..and what are those things that we should accept faithfuly that we can say we are saved already???.

  • I think the very cool thing about Catholicism is that Catholics do not lower themselves to bumper stickers and t-shirts. That is how I was raised and I have a real problem with people who put religious stuff on t-shirts and other mediums. You can be proud but by example.

  • Adrian

    Thank you soooo much for these I love SPL so much I could spend hours reading and loving every second! I stand with the catholic church in the language of the church is my new lock screen on my iPhone. Thank you thank you!

  • Genevieve

    For the facebook timeline cover image “I stand with the Catholic Church”, when I place it on my timeline, my profile picture covers half of the word ‘Catholic’. :(
    Anyway, these are great words of support for our Church :D I’m so proud being a Catholic. God bless

  • ecco

    catholic love Tridentine mass

  • Rebecca O’hare

    Delightful to see someone putting out a t-shirt in Latin.
    You do make the t-shirt in Latin, right?

    Well, do you have a masculine version? Quite OK to say “Catholica” if you are a female, but if you’re a guy, it’s got to be “Catholicus”.
    In other words, you could sell twice as many.

    Think about it.

  • alvaro

    God Bless America!

  • Jason

    Excuse me, what is the symbol appeared on the picture no. 6 ?