• The Byzantine Bandit

    Needs more Aquinas. A LOT MORE. This coming from a Byzantine.

  • Me

    We didnt see Aquinas because we were busy making fun of the others who ignored his work.

  • Miles

    Thomas Aquinas!!!!!

  • I am a Thomasian. Where is Aquinas?

  • The Descartes meme claims that since “I think, therefore I am” is true, than when one stops thinking, one ceases to exist. The comic ends with the question, “problem philosophy?” Actually, no, there is no problem because this comic commits the fallacy of denying the antecedent. Their argument is: (1) If I think, then I exist, (2) I don’t think, therefore (3) I don’t exist. Now, this argument is the same form as (1) If it is a dog, then it is a mammal, (2) it is not a dog, therefore (3) it is not a mammal. But this is obviously false, because even if one is not a dog, one may still be a mammal (e.g. cat, horse, human, etc.). This is something that any student of basic logic understands, and thus this comic is nonsense. Of course, all comics are nonsense, and I am being highly critical, but these are philosophy comics, and they will of course draw in philosophers who know no other way to be than critical.

  • Kevin F. Keiser

    Here’s one I just made. I welcome feedback.