Planned Parenthood’s “Superhero for Choice” Cartoon: Pro-Life Zombies and Other Filth

Listers, the following is the culture of death’s enervating message wrapped up in an “innocuous” cartoon. The level of propaganda targeted toward children and young adults in this video is astonishing. Credit to Life Site News for bringing this 2005 video to the forefront.

It contains the following:
A “Superhero for Choice” that advocates the death merchant’s ideals
Pro-lifers depicted as zombies
A condom shooting pistol
A sleazy pro-life antagonist that “seduces” children into abstinence
Washington Monument covered by a condom
A pro-life senator depicted as “a grandiose narcissist” who is above the law
And much more filth…

2011 Corpus Christi NYC Procession: 19 Photos

The Church of the Holy Innocents in NYC processed through the streets for the Feast of Corpus Christi.

Listers, the Catholic Church of the Holy Innocents in NYC celebrated the feast of Corpus Christi by processing through the streets of NYC.1

For More on the Church of the Holy Innocents:
History: Cows, Change, & Challenge
Shrine of the Unborn
The Return Crucifix

  1. Special Thanks: SPL thanks Carlos Urbina, Holy Innocents parishioner and devout Lister for bringing these photos to our attention. Full Online Gallery []

12 Photos of a Pontifical Solemn High Mass on the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary

A Pontifical Solemn High Mass in celebration of Our Lady of the Rosary held at Holy Innocents, NY, NY.

Listers, Bishop Perry visited the Church of the Holy Innocents (NY, NY) and celebrated a Pontifical Solemn High Mass for the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.1

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Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for us.

  1. Special Thanks: St. Peter’s List thanks Carlos Urbina, a devoted Holy Innocents parishioner and friend of SPL, for sending us this gallery. Full Gallery Here []

13 Photos of the Holy Innocents Procession in NYC (2011)

Photos from Holy Innocent’s procession during the Feast of the Holy Innocents, 2011.

Listers, the Church of the Holy Innocents celebrated the feast of the Holy Innocence by processing through the streets on New York.1

For those unfamiliar with the exemplary parish:

The Roman Catholic Church of The Holy Innocents is located in the Fashion Center, mid-town Manhattan. Founded in 1868, the mission of the church is to be a spiritual oasis in one of busiest business districts in the world – Times/Herald Square. The celebration of six daily Masses, confession, and public devotions, enable visitors time for personal and communal prayer.

  1. Special Thanks: Carlos Urbina, Holy Innocents parishioner & devout Lister, for bringing these pictures to SPL’s attention. Full Online Gallery []

Catholics Respond to the Death of Christopher Hitchens: 3 Articles

“God loved Christopher Hitchens. Always has. He created him out of love. He died for him out of love. And I will pray for him out of love.” – Pat Archbold, NC Register

Listers, last night the prominent atheist and provocateur Christopher Hitchens died after almost a year long battle with esophagus cancer. The brilliant and caustic thinker was a vicious opponent of religion, and is best known for his work God is not Great.

For the soul of Christopher Hitchens, we pray to the Lord. 1

O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of hell. Lead all souls to heaven, especially those in most need of thy mercy.

Catholics Respond to the Death of Christopher Hitchens:
One of the first calls to pray for Christopher Hitchens was voiced by the American Papist over a year ago when Hitchens was first diagnosed with cancer.

Still Praying for Christopher Hitchens

Pat Archbold, National Catholic Register

I have no reason to think that Hitchens had a sudden religious awakening at the end, but I can hope. I can hope that at the end there was a small crack in the veneer large enough to let in the light. But I can never know, not in this life.
But there are things I do know.

God loved Christopher Hitchens. Always has. He created him out of love. He died for him out of love. And I will pray for him out of love.

Read More.

Christopher Hitchens is Dead, Dammit.

James G. Wiles, The American Thinker

Under verbal attack by Hitchens but still urging his conversion, George Rutler told Hitchens that “he would either die a Catholic or a madman…” It’s an ugly story, one which even the fact that there appears to have been drink taken (by Hitchens) can’t excuse. So, there you have the militant atheist in full flower. I guess if you can’t get by that, you’re stuck — if you want to follow that old Roman maxim — with saying about Christopher Hitchens that, like the Thane of Cawdor in Macbeth, “nothing in his life became him like the leaving it.”

But if you do, you’ll have missed my point.

Read More.

RIP Christopher Hitchens

James Martin, SJ., American Magazine

Someone asked me this morning what I hoped for Christopher Hitchens, the fierce atheist who died after an agonizing bout with esophogeal cancer, and my first response was to say that I hope he’s pleasantly surprised. And I do. I certainly didn’t agree with him on many things (on almost anything, frankly; and I was particularly annoyed at his treatment of Mother Teresa), but I always hoped that somehow he would experience an invitation from God in his earthly life; and I hope that he may now come to know God.

Read More.

  1. Reality of Hell: SPL is not denying the reality of hell or that Hitchens almost invariably went into death clinging to his malformed view of the world. For an introduction to the Catholic concept of hell, please explore this article. []

The Iowa Debate: 12 Articles You Should Read

Listers, Catholics are political animals, and in a democracy each citizen has the responsibility to work toward a well-ordered society.

Listers, Catholics are political animals, and in a democracy each citizen has the responsibility to work toward a well-ordered society. The following articles represent the current fallout topics from the Republican Iowa Debate. 

SPL Political Lists
10 Articles: Why Newt Became Catholic, & More
Political Authority: 8 Teachings of the Catholic Church
SPL Political Lists

Presidential Hopeful Ron Paul – ABC Iowa Debate

The Debate

VIDEO: The Debate in Full
CNN: 5 Things We Learned from the Debate

Creative Minority Report: Romney’s Bet with Perry
The Guardian: Mitt’s Bet & Gingrich’s Win

VIDEO: All of Ron Paul’s Responses in the Iowa Debate
Ron Paul – The Palestinians are “not an invented people.”

Gingrich’s Debate Method: Stay Positive
Gingrich Fights Off Rivals

More in the Political Peripheral:

OBAMA: After Perry’s Attack, Obama Wraps Himself in Christian Jargon
OBAMA: It Does Not Matter Who the GOP Nominates
Arab League: Condemns Newt’s Comments that the Palestinians are an “invented people.”
Catholic Vote: 5 Reasons to Say NO to Newt

New Missal Roundup: 10 News Articles on the New Translation

Grievous faults, spirits, and parishioners pronouncing consubstantial, the new translation of the mass is here in all its divine and human elements. The following is but a brief sampling of the media’s reaction.

Vatican Radio: Commentary on the New English Translation

FATHER DWIGHT LONGENECKER: Parish Preparation & the New Mass

The Adoremus Hymnal: Fitting Music for the New Translation of the Mass – NCRegister

CNA: The Old Mass Books Will Be Cremated or Buried

Whispers in the Loggia: How did your parish do? – 125 Comments & Counting

NPR MUSIC: “New Liturgy Reanimates Catholic Music”

The New Translation… the Marines had it in WWII?

10 Comments Overheard After the First New Mass

Huff Post Religion: A Left-Wing View of the New Translation

FR Z: Praise for the New Mass

Eucharistic Congress (2011): 11 Comments by BXVI

“He who is able to kneel before the Eucharist, who receives the Lord’s body cannot fail to be attentive.” – Pope Benedict XVI, Ancona, Italy.


“A Eucharistic Spirituality Is a Real Antidote to Individualism”

ANCONA, Italy, SEPT. 11, 2011 ( Here is a translation of the homily Benedict XVI gave during the Mass he celebrated today for the close of the 25th Italian National

SPL Recommended Reading:
Full Text.
Fr. Z’s Comments.

Eucharistic Congress.

1. Our Resistance:

“This is a hard saying; who can listen to it?” (John 6:60). Confronted with Jesus’ discourse on the bread of life, in the Synagogue of Capernaum, the reaction of the disciples, many of whom abandoned Jesus, is not very far from our resistance before the total gift that He makes of himself.

2. Modern Man’s Confused Liberty:

“This is a hard saying!” It is hard because we often confuse liberty with the absence of chains, with the conviction of being able to make do by ourselves, without God, who is seen as a limit to liberty.

3. Can Society Simply Be a Force of Power and Economy?

“This is a hard saying!” It is hard because man often falls into the illusion of being able to “transform the stones into bread.” After having put God aside, or having tolerated him as a private choice that must not interfere with public life, certain ideologies have aimed at organizing society with the force of power and the economy. History shows us, tragically, how the objective of ensuring development, material well-being and peace to all, doing without God and his revelation, has resulted in giving men stones instead of bread.

4. Consistency to Our Humanity:

Man is incapable of giving life to himself, he is understood only from God: it is the relationship with Him that gives consistency to our humanity and renders our life good and just.

Pope Benedict XVI in Ancona, Italy via Reuters

5. To Become Our Food:

From whence should we start, as the source, to recover and reaffirm the primacy of God? From the Eucharist: Here God makes Himself so close as to become our food, here He becomes the strength on the way that is so often difficult, here he makes himself a friendly presence that transforms.

6. The Great Paschal Blessing of God:

In the Last Supper, Jesus summarizes his whole existence in a gesture that is inscribed in the great Paschal Blessing of God, a gesture that He lives as Son as thanksgiving to the Father for his immense love. Jesus breaks the bread and shares it, but with a new profundity, because He gives himself. He takes the chalice and shares it, so that all can drink from it, but with this gesture He gives the “new covenant in his blood,” he gives himself.

7. The Eucharist – Tearing Us Away from Our Individualism:

However, what does this starting from the Eucharist to reaffirm the primacy of God entail for our daily life? Eucharistic communion, dear friends, tears us away from our individualism, it communicates the spirit of Christ dead and risen, it conforms us to Him; it unites us intimately to brethren in that mystery of communion which is the Church, where the one Bread makes of many just one body (cf. 1 Corinthians 10:17), carrying out the prayer of the early Christian community reported in the book of the Didache: “as this broken bread was scattered on the hills, and gathered became only one thing, thus your Church from the confines of the earth is gathered in your Kingdom” (IX, 4).

8. Kneeling before the Eucharist:

To be nourished by Christ is the way not to remain foreign and indifferent to the fortunes of our brothers, but to enter into the very logic of love and of gift of the sacrifice of the Cross; he who is able to kneel before the Eucharist, who receives the Lord’s body cannot fail to be attentive, in the ordinary course of the days, to situations unworthy of man, and is able to bend down personally to attend to need, is able to break his bread with the hungry, share water with the thirsty, clothe the naked, visit the sick and imprisoned (cf. Matthew 25:34-36).

Pope Benedict in Ancona, Italy via Reuters

9. Antidote to Individualism and Egoism:

Hence, a Eucharistic spirituality is a real antidote to individualism and egoism that often characterize daily life, and leads to the rediscovery of gratuitousness, the centrality of relationships, beginning with the family, with a particular care for binding the wounds of the broken.

10. Genuinely Human:

There is nothing that is genuinely human that does not find in the Eucharist the right way to live it in fullness: hence, daily life becomes the place of spiritual worship, to live the primacy of God in all circumstances, within a relationship with Christ and as an offering to the Father (cf. Postsynodal Exhortation “Sacramentum Caritatis,” 17).

11. A Womb:

Like the Virgin Mary, let us also become a “womb” willing to offer Jesus to the people of our time, reawakening the profound desire for that salvation that comes only from Him. Good journey, with Christ the Bread of life, to all the Church that is in Italy!

Pope Benedict XVI in Ancona, Italy via Reuters

First Homily: 8 Quotes from Archbishop Chaput of Philadelphia

8 Quotes from Archbishop Bishop Chaput’s Installation Mass Homily.

Mass of Installation
Cathedral-Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul
Philadelphia, PA

The following quotes are from Archbishop Chaput’s first homily as the Archbishop of Philadelphia.
Titles have been added.

The Bishop’s Ring:

The ring I wear is a symbol of every bishop’s love for his Church. And a bishop’s marriage to the local Church reminds me, and all of us who serve you as bishops, that a bishop is called to love his Church with all his heart, just as Christ loved her and gave his life for her.

An Arranged Marriage:

Of course, my appointment to Philadelphia is an arranged marriage, and the Holy Father is the matchmaker. The good news is that romance is a modern invention — and given the divorce rate common today, it’s not everything it’s cranked up to be.

Mother Mary’s Obedience:

Mary didn’t expect the Annunciation. She didn’t expect to be mother of our Redeemer. And yet her act of obedience changed the course of history and led to a new covenant of love and fruitfulness.

The Chair:

The cathedral is the church that houses the bishop’s chair, which has always been seen as another key symbol of the bishop’s role – in this case, his teaching authority.

On the Role of a Bishop:

“To rebuke those who stir up strife, to comfort those of little courage, to take the part of the weak, to refute opponents, to be on guard against traps, to teach the ignorant, to shake the indolent awake, to discourage those who want to buy and sell, to put the presumptuous in their place, to modify the quarrelsome, to help the poor, to liberate the oppressed, to encourage the good, to suffer the evil and to love all men.” – St. Augustine

To Be a True Bishop:

My dear brother bishops, it’s crucial for those of us who are bishops not simply to look like bishops but to truly be bishops.

Who We Are:

But it’s important to remember and to believe the Church is not defined by her failures. And you and I are not defined by our critics or by those who dislike us. What we do in the coming months and years to respond to these challenges – that will define who we really are.

No Bishop Will Work Harder:

Whatever my weaknesses (and they’re many) and whatever my lacks (and they’re many, too), no bishop will give himself more joyfully than I will to renewing this Church together. No bishop will try harder to help persons who have been hurt by the sins of the past. And no bishop will work harder to strengthen and encourage my brother priests, and restore the hearts of our faithful.