Pontifical Mass: 10 Beautiful Photos of Bishop Schneider at St. James Cathedral-Basilica

Athanasius Schneider (born Anton Schneider on 7 April 1961) is a Roman Catholic bishop who is the auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan and titular bishop of Celerina. He is a member of the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross of Coimbra.

Schneider 12

Listers, the following photos were sent in by SPL’s John Henry of the Pontifical Mass of the Most Reverend Monsignor Athanasius Schneider Auxiliary Bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan at the Cathedral-Basilica of St. James during his January 2013 visit to New York City. Bishop Athanasius Schneider (born Anton Schneider on 7 April 1961) is a Roman Catholic bishop who is the auxiliary bishop of Astana, Kazakhstan and titular bishop of Celerina. He is a member of the Canons Regular of the Holy Cross of Coimbra.1 The New Liturgical Movement also has a brief video of the mass.


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  • YKwapis

    I just saw this Bishop Schneider on EWTN this morning talking to Fr.Mitch Pacwa. Bishop Schneider had many interesting things to say about the Blessed Sacrament…very powerful. I wish I could have stayed to watch the whole show…had to get to work. He also celebrated a Mass earlier in the week on EWTN. Had a beautiful homily. I think I read he wrote a good book on reflection on the Eucharist…may need to investigate this.

  • Barbara

    I also saw this holy Bishop on EWTN. He spoke of reverence and adoration of the Eucharist. If we believe this is our God, we need to act accordingly. May God bless him.

  • joseph mangone

    What Rite was this celebrated in? It seems to me that the only Masses that the Catholic Register reports and praises over are never the current rite (3rd ed of the roman missal)but anything that promotes going back to the 1570 Missal/rite of Trent. As a liturgist and historian, i have nothing against the many rites of our Church. The current rite, when celebrated well, is just as holy, moving and spiritual as any rite of the past 2,000 years. It seems we are moving back to the 16c and a false sense of security and pomp that John XXIII moved the Church away from. The Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy calls for a “noble simplicity” in the revised rites. These photos are just one example of a movement away from Vatican II and its documents.

    • ytc

      I posit that the liturgy as often celebrated has nothing to do with Vatican II whatsoever.

    • Peter Asi

      Dear brother Joseph Mangone, it truly saddens me to hear you call yourself a “liturgist and historian” yet you speak of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as Pomp. In case you missed this part of history, all the elements you call pomp, were celebrated by Blessed Pope John XXIII until his death. Indeed his funeral was one of the best in modern papal funeral liturgy. And so one wonders which era of history you are talking about? What are you moving away from and where are you going??? As our dear Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI has taught us, we have two forms of the same Roman Rite, Ordinary and Extraordinary. If you do not respect this, you have no business calling yourself a liturgist. I am sure you are no more capable in the liturgy than one of the greatest and revered theologian of the Church (who was actually at the Second Vatican Council – and many say he wrote all the influential ideas of Cardinal Frings) and by the grace of God, the Universal pastor of the Church. Please learn and know what the Liturgy is and also show some respect when talking about it.

    • Peter Asi

      Brother Joseph, I wonder which church you are a liturgist in, because it smarks of the pseudo-liturgical claims that many people run around proclaim and using Vatican II as a cover. How can you be a liturgist and ask what rite the Mass was celebrated in? In the Latin side of the Catholic Church (there are other Catholic Churches in communion with the See of Peter incase you do not know that too)there is only one Rite and that is the Latin/Roman Rite. As Pope Benedict has taught, we now have two forms of the same Rite, ordinary and extraordinary.
      I wonder what you understand by noble simplicity of Sacrosanctum Concilium? You pick out one phrase our of a whole document and give it your own meaning, while ignoring the whole teaching of the document. Please go back and read the Constitution on the Liturgy (Sacrosanctum Concilium) and may be you will be enlightened further. God bless us all.

  • I met Bishop Schneider at EWTN this week when he was there on Fr. Mitch’s show (I was taping shows with Johnette Benkovic for Women of Grace). What a humble and holy man! He wanted a big scoop of vanilla ice cream after lunch but the staff rushed him away to get to the studio on time. I saw only the very faintest faint flicker of disappointment on his face. But at dinner he was there again and so I went to the kitchen and brought out a dish of vanilla ice cream and his FACE LIT UP!! He told us all that his country does not fear the Russians as much as the growing immorality of the West…ughh, that was hard to hear but is the truth. The US has lost its place in the hearts of the world as a strong moral leader. Bishop Schneider said we coudl reverse it with FIRST getting back to adoration. He has his priorities in order!