Listers, the Catholic life is the good life. SPL has composed a list of various photographs shared on our Instagram page that have been used for our lists throughout 2012. We’ve complimented each grouping with links for those further interested in the respective topics. Overall, enjoy and remember the Catholic life is the good life.


The above photograph is of His Eminence Cardinal Burke. SPL has published two lists of photographs of His Eminence:  10 Photos of this Wondrous Prince of the Church and Cardinal Burke at Notre-Dame de Fontgombault: 21 Photos. SPL takes no credit for the original photograph.


Divine Love Made Flesh: The Holy Eucharist as the Sacrament of Charity is an excellent work by His Eminence Cardinal Burke and the primary resource for SPL’s The Dignity of the Eucharistic Celebration: 8 Teachings from Cardinal Burke.


The above coffee mugs and magnets are available at the SPL Store. We thank all those who have made purchases and especially thank those who have sent in photographs of their SPL coffee mugs and t-shirts. Listers, please feel free to email us your photographs.


The photographed statutes adorn the “home altar” of SPL’s  HH Ambrose. Those who have an interest in creating a home altar and otherwise having a well ordered Catholic home may reference The Domestic Church: 7 Steps to a Proper Catholic Home.


The relationship between Church and State has been a constant topic on St. Peter’s List. An exhaustive list of topics can be found under the thread of Politics and a collection of the best political lists can be found at The Educated Catholic Voter: 10 Lists for the Catholic Citizen. SPL takes no credit for the original photograph.


The full gallery of the Roman Pontiff is found at ADVENT: 10 Photos of the Vicar of Christ Clothed in Purple. Those interested in the historical and biblical basis for the papacy can find an exhaustive list of topics under The Pope. SPL takes no credit for the original photographs.


Photos taken from the Mary Queen of Peace Chapel at the Parish of Christ the King in Tulsa, Oklahoma. SPL has written extensively on the biblical, historical, and theological traits and roles of the Virgin Mary.