7 Things You Must Know about St. Benedict’s Medal

“Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux” (The Holy Cross be my light), written downward on the perpendicular bar; the initial letters of the words, “Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux” (Let not the dragon be my guide).

A selection of the front of the St. Benedict's Medal.

1. The Story of St. Benedict

From Fisheaters:

St. Benedict of Nursia, Italy (A.D. 480-543), the twin brother of St. Scholastica, is considered to be the Father of Western monasticism, and his “Rule of St. Benedict” came to be the basis of organization for many religious orders (his own Order has its cradle at Monte Cassino, Italy, about 80 miles South of Rome).

At any rate, in order to understand the symbolism of the Medal, you must know of this event in St. Benedict’s life: he’d been living as a hermit in a cave for three years, famous for his holiness, when a religious community came to him after the death of their abbot and asked Benedict to take over. Some of the “monks” didn’t like this plan and attempted to kill him with poisoned bread and wine. Just as St. John the Divine was miraculously saved from being poisoned, when St. Benedict made the sign of the Cross over these things, he came to know they were poisoned, so he toppled the cup and commanded a raven to carry off the bread.


2. The Jubilee Medal of St. Benedict




The Catholic Encyclopedia Explains:

One side of the medal bears an image of St. Benedict, holding a cross in the right hand and the Holy Rule in the left. On the one side of the image is a cup, on the other a raven, and above the cup and the raven are inscribed the words: “Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti” (Cross of the Holy Father Benedict). Round the margin of the medal stands the legend “Ejus in obitu nostro praesentia muniamus” (May we at our death be fortified by his presence).



The reverse of the medal bears a cross with the initial letters of the words: “Crux Sacra Sit Mihi Lux” (The Holy Cross be my light), written downward on the perpendicular bar; the initial letters of the words, “Non Draco Sit Mihi Dux” (Let not the dragon be my guide), on the horizontal bar; and the initial letters of “Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti” in the angles of the cross. Round the margin stand the initial letters of the distich: “Vade Retro Satana, Nunquam Suade Mihi Vana — Sunt Mala Quae Libas, Ipse Venena Bibas” (Begone, Satan, do not suggest to me thy vanities — evil are the things thou profferest, drink thou thy own poison). At the top of the cross usually stands the word Pax (peace) or the monogram I H S (Jesus).


3. The History of the Jubilee Medal

The Catholic encyclopedia recounts:

The medal just described is the so-called jubilee medal, which was struck first in 1880, to commemorate the fourteenth centenary of St. Benedict’s birth. The Archabbey of Monte Cassino has the exclusive right to strike this medal. The ordinary medal of St. Benedict usually differs from the preceding in the omission of the words “Ejus in obitu etc.”, and in a few minor details. (For the indulgences connected with it see Beringer, “Die Ablässe”, Paderborn, 1906, p. 404-6.)

The habitual wearer of the jubilee medal can gain all the indulgences connected with the ordinary medal and, in addition:

(1) All the indulgences that could be gained by visiting the basilica, crypt, and tower of St. Benedict at Monte Cassino (Pius IX, 31 December, 1877)

(2) A plenary indulgence on the feast of All Souls (from about two o’clock in the afternoon of 1 November to sunset of 2 November), as often as (toties quoties), after confession and Holy Communion, he visits any church or public oratory, praying there according to the intention of the pope, provided that he is hindered from visiting a church or public oratory of the Benedictines by sickness, monastic enclosure or a distance of at least 1000 steps. (Decr. 27 February, 1907, in Acta S. Sedis, LX, 246.) Any priest may receive the faculties to bless these medals.


4. The Ancient Origins of the Medal

The Catholic Encyclopedia recounts:

It is doubtful when the Medal of St. Benedict originated. During a trial for witchcraft at Natternberg near the Abbey of Metten in Bavaria in the year 1647, the accused women testified that they had no power over Metten, which was under the protection of the cross. Upon investigation, a number of painted crosses, surrounded by the letters which are now found on Benedictine medals, were found on the walls of the abbey, but their meaning had been forgotten.

Finally, in an old manuscript, written in 1415, was found a picture representing St. Benedict holding in one hand a staff which ends in a cross, and a scroll in the other. On the staff and scroll were written in full the words of which the mysterious letters were the initials. Medals bearing the image of St. Benedict, a cross, and these letters began now to be struck in Germany, and soon spread over Europe. They were first approved by Benedict XIV in his briefs of 23 December, 1741, and 12 March, 1742.


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5. The Medal Wards Against

1. To destroy witchcraft and all other diabolical and haunting influences;
2. To impart protection to persons tempted, deluded, or tormented by evil spirits;
3. To obtain the conversion of sinners into the Catholic Church, especially when they are in danger of death;
4. To serve as an armor against temptation;
5. To destroy the effects of poison;
6. To secure a timely and healthy birth for children;
7. To afford protection against storms and lightning;
8. To serve as an efficacious remedy for bodily afflictions and a means of protection against contagious diseases.


6. How to use the medal

1. On a chain around the neck;
2. Attached to one’s rosary;
3. Kept in one’s pocket or purse;
4. Placed in one’s car or home;
5. Placed in the foundation of a building;
6. Placed in the center of a cross.

The use of any religious article is intended as a means of reminding one of God and of inspiring a willingness and desire to serve God and neighbor. It is not regarded as a good luck charm or magical device.1


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7. The Cross of the Happy Death

The excellent Catholic source Fisheaters explains:

This Crucifix is known as “The Cross of a Happy Death” not only because of the exorcizing properties of the Medal and the image of Christ’s Body, but because of St. Benedict’s particular patronage based on his death. Pope St. Gregory the Great (A.D. ca. 540-604) describes his passing in his Dialogue:

Six days before he left this world he gave orders to have his sepulchre opened, and forthwith falling into an ague, he began with burning heat to wax faint; and when as the sickness daily increased, upon the sixth day he commanded his monks to carry him into the oratory, where he did arm himself receiving the Body and Blood of our Saviour Christ; and having his weak body holden up betwixt the hands of his disciples, he stood with his own hands lifted up to heaven; and as he was in that manner praying, he gave up the ghost.

A plenary indulgence is granted under the usual conditions to one who, at the hour of his death, kisses, touches, or otherwise reverences the Crucifix, and commends his soul to God.

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  • Dismas

    The Jubilee St. Benedict Medal is undoubtedly one of my favorite sacramentals, I carry one with me always and keep a few extra on hand. Can any priest bless these or do they require a special blessing by a priest of the OSB?

    • top8305

      Approved Blessing of the Medal of St. Benedict

      Medals of Saint Benedict are sacramentals that may be blessed legitimately by any priest or deacon — not necessarily a Benedictine (Instr., 26 Sept. 1964; Can. 1168). The following English form may be used.

      V. Our help is in the name of the Lord.
      R. Who made heaven and earth.

      In the name of God the Father + almighty, who made heaven and earth, the seas and all that is in them, I exorcise these medals against the power and attacks of the evil one. May all who use these medals devoutly be blessed with health of soul and body. In the name of the Father + almighty, of the Son + Jesus Christ our Lord, and of the Holy + Spirit the Paraclete, and in the love of the same Lord Jesus Christ who will come on the last day to judge the living and the dead, and the world by fire.

      Let us pray. Almighty God, the boundless source of all good things, we humbly ask that, through the intercession of Saint Benedict, you pour out your blessings + upon these medals. May those who use them devoutly and earnestly strive to perform good works be blessed by you with health of soul and body, the grace of a holy life, and remission of the temporal punishment due to sin.

      May they also with the help of your merciful love, resist the temptation of the evil one and strive to exercise true charity and justice toward all, so that one day they may appear sinless and holy in your sight. This we ask though Christ our Lord.

      The medals are then sprinkled with holy water.
      Permissu superiorum

      Nihil obstat and Imprimatur, Saint Cloud, 24 April 1980.


  • Francine

    I just want to know when St. Scholastica had a sex change? She’s St. Benedict’s twin sister, not brother!

    Dismas, our parish priest blessed a friend’s medal using the prayer that the friend found at a Benedictan site on the Internet.

    • Francine

      Oops! I misread the first sentence! Sorry about that!

  • David

    Very informative, but numbers 2 and 5 are the same.

    • And you are correct. Now it is the “7 Things you must know about the St. Benedict’s Medal.”

  • Mar

    What’s the significance of the cup and the raven? Why does the cup have a coiled snake and what is the raven clutching?

    • Good question. In #1 the story of St. Benedict and the poisoned drink and bread is recounted. The snake represents the cup being poisoned. The raven because a raven took the bread away.

      “Some of the “monks” didn’t like this plan and attempted to kill him with poisoned bread and wine. Just as St. John the Divine was miraculously saved from being poisoned, when St. Benedict made the sign of the Cross over these things, he came to know they were poisoned, so he toppled the cup and commanded a raven to carry off the bread.”

    • felton xenox

      When St. Benedict blessed the wine and bread, the cup broke and so he knew that those were poison.

      The cup with serpent represents the poisoned wine, and the raven was commanded to carry the poisoned bread away.

  • justin

    Don’t forget to have it blessed in the OLD RITE where the medal is both blessed and exorcized. Any priest can bless it but make sure it is done in the old rite. You can go to http://www.sanctamissa.org and look up the blessing in the Rituale Romanum.

    On another note I put them on every Rosary I make and wear one around my neck as well. It’s a powerful sacramental but as I said, don’t forget to get it blessed.

  • Brad

    Yes, it needs to be blessed. The blessing is formulaic, a priest will need to find it, it is not ad lib, and is quite touching, because it is more a blessing on the soul about to wear the medal for his lifetime than on the medal itself.

    Please note that unlike a scapular or some other medals, there is no daily prayer that needs to be said with a St. Benedict medal. Why? The wearing of the properly blessed medal is in itself a living prayer. Beautiful Lord, thank you for all your help in this world.

  • Brad

    PS, please buy them from a Benedictine Abbey. They are blessed by the abbot (one still needs to have one’s priest do the little ritual when one begins to wear the medal).


  • Paula Moore

    I have a question. It states under #5 that the medal can be used

    “To obtain the conversion of sinners into the Catholic Church, especially when they are in danger of death;”

    My son, who is in his lower thirties, has left the Catholic Church and has become an atheist. Could this medal possibly help with his conversion (if I can convince him to take it) or does it require that he have some sort of belief in God and/or the power of the intersession of St. Benedict?

    His becoming an atheist has caused me a great deal of distress and I would appreciate any help or advice. Thank you!

    • It does not require that he have a belief in God or St. Benedict, only that the medal be in his possession – even if it is just in his house. Give him the medal and then begin to pray for St. Benedict’s intercession for his conversion along with saying a Rosary, etc. Giving him a Green Scapular was mentioned below and that is also an excellent idea.

      Regarding the proper use of the medal, this tidbit from EWTN might help:

      “No special way of carrying or applying the Medal is prescribed. It may be worn about the neck, attached to the scapular or the Rosary, or otherwise carried about one’s person.

      Often it is placed in the fields, the foundations of buildings or attached to automobiles to call down God’s blessing and the protection of St. Benedict. No particular prayer is prescribed, as the devout wearing itself is a continual silent prayer.

      The Medal of St. Benedict is one of the Sacramentals of the Church, and as such it must be used. The value and power of the Medal must be ascribed to the merits of Christ Crucified, to the efficacious prayers of St. Benedict, to the blessing of the Church, and especially to the faith and holy disposition of the person using the Medal.”

  • Ron Jon

    Grateful dead?

  • Pari

    Oh YES!!! I believe in HIM and the great blessings+intercession from St. Benedict, through his medal. I use it often, especially during deliverance intercessory prayers and I strongly recommend for atleast one crucifix with St. Benedict’s medal (as indicated in pictures above) to be placed someplace in one’s home… HE protects surely, when we believe in faith…:)
    Great article…
    God bless…

  • Even without belief, the blessing and prayers will have good effect. If you could give him a Green Scapular with a St. Benedict medal attached to it (a common attachment for example Rose Scapular has them), then said the daily short prayer for conversion of the scapular, you would be starting and daily watering a seed of conversion.

    • Conrad

      ” Even without believe”? SHIN, you got it so wrong, without believing in Jesus Christ our Saviour,as our only way to our Father in Heaven, you are lost and condemmed to hell. Stop “nice talking” as this will never get anybody saved.

  • Phantom

    I’m shocked that anyone would believe that a piece of metal can protect them or offer them spiritual security. More shockingly, that a priest or pope (no where in the Bible), a person in spiritual authority would encourage it. If you read the Bible at all, you would be aware that this is VERY much discouraged by God. He wants you to go to him directly and not to things made by people’s hands. Our ancestors died, suffered illnesses, etc. because they would worship such things. Please learn from them. That is why the scriptures are there! Deut 5:8 “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 9 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, 10 but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.” This is just one of many scriptures. You have been warned. Now, obey the Lord.

    • Pery

      There are really objects in this world which repel evil like salt, garlic, frankincense, blessed water, etc. and of course latin incantations and the cross which are used in exorcism. In the Medal of St. Benedict, it is the comnbination of the cross and the prayers which repel evil. You dont worship it, rather, it is like constantly wearing a prayer on your body.

    • Sophia Murphy

      Don’t say anything, not unless you surely know and learned what you’re saying from experience. I exorcise with this cross and medallion. If you will just use your intellect on the basis of your finite knowledge,better think again. There are things that Science nor any humanFrom the 12th personal or professional exchanges are likely to become more lively and productive. Because of another, you may need more stamina. You and someone could elicit strong opinions in each-other or, conversely, maybe you feel a strong pull towards them or they feel a strong pull towards you. Once again patience may be needed as Mars here can make you too hasty, handle someone badly, throw caution to the winds, or make a false start. So the advice would be to try to keep things on a even keel and don’t dive in head first with guns blazing before you are sure about someone. And above all, don’t get overtired because you are trying too hard on their behalf. mind can’t comprehend. I am a person with masteral and doctorate. But when you see a possess person levitating, and only this piece of metal with all his prayers can put that person down, you’ll never dare say a word about this piece of metal. Or maybe you can reason out that all of a sudden the gravity went off on the place where the person is standing, and that cause the levitation.

    • CJ

      Please, if you are not Catholic don’t come on a Catholic website and Catholic-bash. I am formerly Protestant and understand your misgivings, but the problem is the MORE I one reads the Scriptures (not just the ones I wanted), the MORE they point me to the truths of the Jesus as He is presented in Catholic faith.

      But one should be careful not to bash things one hasn’t carefully investigated.

      i am going to point out one small example.

      Unbeknownst to most Protestants, there is AMPLE Scriptural support for Jesus working through people and through the objects handled by people of faith. Catholics understand that the medal does not create a miracle, the faith in Jesus does. One small example of blessed objects being efficacious in spiritual warfare then is Acts 19:12.

      “God was performing extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul, so that handkerchiefs or aprons were even carried from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out.

      Most Protestants like to say they are very ‘biblically based.’ The truth is, many times, we have not read our Bibles ENOUGH. If we did, we would see them supporting long-held Catholic beliefs and practices.

      You jump ahead of yourself.

      Get in your Bible more, read up to understand. God bless you.

  • Jude Paul

    Phantom, that is the same tired argument used to attack the Church for centuries. In fact if you read the bible you would know that the Catholic Church is the only true Church also known as the “Church of Jesus,” you would also know that the Catholic Mass has more Sacred Scripture than any other Protestant Service. Ask Protestant Preacher they will tell you that as well. We don’t just pick and choose which text to read we actually have a Roman Lectionary. In a two/ three year period we will get nearly the entire bible read during mass. Being a theologian you would know that. I forgot your bible is missing 7 books. Before you attack someone’s religion why don’t you take the time to learn. Why don’t you go troll Muslim websites and bother them?

    • Brian

      Likewise did you forget the old teaching?
      Love your neighbor as you love yourself. For this along with loving God depends all the Law and Prohpets. Mathew 22:39

  • were we can buy the cross with st.benedict medal in the center……only in the filipines in cabadbaran?

  • therese

    can I bring St. Benedict medal to a cemetery?

    • Mujunansi Patrice

      Do u want to suggest that God contravenes himself?
      In Exod: 18:24 he commands moses to make images of heavenly cherubs with wings and afix them on the ark of the convenant.
      Now you are awarethat the ark was placed in the holy place in the Temple and any priest would remove his sandles to enter the holy place and bow before the holy of holies( in the ark). Are u suggesting they were adoring the ark? the Cherub sculptures?;

  • JEP


  • Jaqi

    I usually take items for blessing to any ordained catholic priest I know: rosaries, medals, salt, water, etc.

    When I read about the blessing of these articles, there seems to be specific prayers for each of them, which I imagine, priests may not have off-head. And I guess, they usually say a kind of general blessing. However, I trust that the power of God is more valid than a specific prayer used in the blessing.

    I wonder if I might be missing out on something… help me here.

  • Kevin

    Regardless of the sanctity or lack thereof of any ordained or lay person who invokes God’s blessing on themselves or anyone or anything else, never loose sight of the reality that it is God’s own blessing which is offered to us. Our Church, the very Body of Jesus Christ, is made alive and wonderful by God’s blessing and we are provided with reminders of this blessing and opportunities to participate in His life because of his blessing.

  • Very good article! As what i have known, It has so many meanings for St. benedict medal, but most common is to ward off evil. It has been used in exorcisms with the order of benedictine monks that St. benedict was a protector and would keep harm away. Keep posting!

  • Michelle

    I’ve been wearing a Cross w/St.Benedict medal for yrs now…
    The one thing that bothers me though is the inscription..
    “Crux Sancti Patris Benedicti” (Cross of the Holy Father Benedict)
    I don’t feel comfortable with referring to St, Benedict as Holy Father
    Was he ever a Pope…???

  • Marie

    The medal of saint Benedict is tested and proven to me.it ward of evil.very very powerful.thank you very much Jesus.

  • Lucia

    I am a firm believer of the catholic faith. As a catholic, my patron saint is Saint Benedict. Oddly enough, my last name is Crow (note the raven). I carry a Saint Benedict Medallion on many items of mine and I profess my faith in the saint to all. One day I went to the home of an athiest and showed her this website so I could explain the meaning of my Saint Benedict to her. A couple of days later I returned to her house to visit her. She said she found a medallion of Saint Benedict under the seat where I was sitting last, she found it while she was cleaning. She thought it was mine, but it wasnt! Niether one of us put it there! I believe this is a sign, what could it mean?

  • l did not have any commet

  • MARY

    i just received a St.Benedict Home Blessing and have not been able to find out anything reguarding this sacremental. Can anyone help me? I`ll describe it.It`s made of several colorful cord with apparently10 knotted Hail MaryS AND 1 our fATHER.tHEY ARE ALL TIED TOGETHER AND EACH END WITH DIFFERENT sT, BENEDCT mEDALS TIED ON THE END OF THE CORDS

    DUR FATHER \\\\

  • joshy mathew

    I want to know whether writting or making tattoo of St.Benedict words(VRS.NSMV.SMQL.IVB) on my hand or my chest work as its as in medal. Actually after studying about him(St.Benedict) I usually on my left hand by sketch colour pens or simple pens. Tell me is it good or not. If not, tell me what do. Thank you.
    Glory to GOD Almighty. Amen.

  • Cyril Alozieuwa

    I am very desirous to get the medal of St Benedict.
    Please how do I get it?
    I am writing from Lagos,Nigeria.
    Thank you.



  • Terly Mata

    I wear this since 2006, it proved me a lot, at first i thought it was a hoax a tale… until i encounter with good and bad spirits, the dead spirits seeking justice, sickness of love ones, threats to my life, and even control my anger and own foolishness, my medallion keeps getting hot when a trouble is starting up, so the tendency is to divert my way and not be interrupted or rattled by the situation… From my experience and my closest friends who i recommended to have the medallion, at first they hard to believe it just like me when i was new to it, but when spiritual trials strikes their relatives and love ones they finally embrace and believe on the power of the prayers and the medallion.. and with a loving heart.. St, Benedict really control temptations like my vices, infidelity, taking advantage on other’s. I changed my bad attitude towards other’s..and appreciate not only life’s blessings but also sadness, cruelty and karma, really a life changing diversion and devotion and gives me contentment, makes you closer to Jesus and to God Our Father. Because my mentor told me Anyone who harms you by act or even by words even curse you will reflect on them, you dont need to revenge physically, your Benedicte medallion and prayers and belief to our creator God the Father will keep u away from harm… it is the Highest Form or defense from Spirits and to All Living things! because Living things with bad beings cannot harm you when Saint Benedict is with you and it wont lead you to harm people. You will learn to love and love people even to their most animal behavior it will challenge your faith and that challenge will fulfill you, you will feel sad for them that their faith is lost that’s why unseen entities steal their sole from their body.. A feeling of Goosebumps is our sensation it is your eyes from the unseen.. That’s why Other Writings of prayers of St. Benedict is kept hidden under the vatican archives because of the healing issues that should not be known to others who might use other words for witchcraft, but some healers solved some of the puzzle as centuries that pass by.., and Lastly he told me do not believe in everything that you see is real and true, remember that a real Son of God dont see LOVE! Learn to FEEL IT, if you wont accept the UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IN YOUR HEART YOU WONT FEEL ANYTHING EVEN IT IS GIVEN TO YOU. So accept God in to your Life wholeheartedly and he will never lead you harm and real happiness will be felt not for what you have but for whom you with!. Doing Good to People wont Lead you harm. If ever you receive misfortunes in life it means God Loves you because he wont give you a problem that you cannot take, he knows your strong, Dont wish for ANSWERS but REQUEST FOR A SOLUTION, FOR LIFE IS A CHALLENGE>… He is just reminding you that he is around you and he wants to talk with you. God is also jealous, Love him above all!
    Personally i will not forget his teachings it until my last breath, He is Florencio Celmar, From Muntinlupa City, Philippines. God Bless us All believers of Jesus Christ our Savior and God the Father.. and St. Benedict. For all who have St. Benedict’s Medallion and prayers ALWAYS BE A BLESSING TO EVERYONE.. GOD USES PEOPLE AS INSTRUMENTS OF HIS SERVICE. LETS MAKE OUR TIME WORTH LIVING FOR..



  • Mary

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  • Jeff

    OH MY GOD . it’s a great privilege being in a mixed of OSB nuns.(Order of St. Benedict) It’s so beautiful paying them a visit. Today makes it exactly 15 days I have been with them. Presently I am still with them in their monastery in Urbania Italy. I love this visit. I really feel the presence of the almighty God here in the community. It’s my pleasure being in direct contact with the superior mother general of the OSB ( Order of St. Benedict) nuns. She gave me a holy chaplet and St. Benedict’s medals. By her help I was able to meet with His holiness Pope Francis the 1st. I feel joy unspeakable!!! This visit will forever remain green in my life. In everything JESUS I LOVE YOU!!!

  • RT

    All Catholics should follow the life of St. Benedict in his realization that evil forces exist in our world. The prayers and blessings referenced in the ” St. Benedictine Cross” are another spiritual protection that we may use in conjunction to a strong sense of prayer.
    May God Bless Each of you.

  • chitra

    I found the st benedict medal

  • chitra

    What shall i do with it……

  • chris

    So when I get my necklace do I need to have it blessed in church before wearing it?

    • Mike Russell

      It is not mandatory, but blessings always bring graces. You can find the short form of the blessing in my reply to Emily on 18 October. Be blessed

  • otthoniel claros

    thank you bro boy villaran of the PHILIPPINES for educating me to know who St BENEDICT is..I learned a lot from reading his biography..i’ll continue to read about him during free time..

    • otthoniel claros@gmail.com

      being a catholic I do regret that only a few of us really hears mass oftenly.let us give thanks to our creator who made possible to gives us blessings every now and then and let us not waste our single life in this world just by ignoring what is happenning around the globe..be more productive now by hearing the word of god…AMEN

  • Christopher

    Hello Michele and all others who are wondering why St. Benedict is referred as “Our Holy Father” – the phrase “Holy Father” is a term used in Convents and Monasteries to refer to their Founder – the person who founded/begun their Religious Order and usually wrote a Rule – a document that details their way of life and how in a practical way they will follow the Gospels which are manifested in living the vows and discipline of their Monastery/Convent. in this Example its Saint Benedict..

    For example St.Benedict is called Holy Father because he is a spiritual Father to his monks and nuns. In their offices, Prayers, written communication and conversations Benedictines will refer to him as Our Holy Benedict. its a term of closeness, family ties and admiration.

    Female Orders and Monasteries use Our Holy Mother ……… not to put their 1st ever Nun/Founding Sister above Our Blessed Lady Mary – but again as a term of endearment. Benedictine Nuns and female communities would refer to Our Holy Mother Scholastica and Our Holy Father Benedict.

    In the same way the Franciscans in their prayers and liturgies Saint Francis of Assisi is referred to as Our Holy Father Francis. Even tho Saint Francis was never ordained a priest – he was a deacon. The Poor Clare Nuns founded by St. Clare refer to her as Our Holy Mother Clare. its a term of endearment and familiarity.

    In various Orders, Monasteries and Convent’s prayer books and documents they shorten it to “O.H.F” for Our Holy Father and “O.H.M” for Our Holy Mother.

    I hope this clears it up for you and gives you peace of mind and remember as catholics following Jesus walking in the footsteps of the Saints we are all part of an amazing family tree that has its roots on earth and branches in Heaven!!! Never ever forget that!..

    Peace and Goodness!

    Christopher in the UK.

  • Barbara

    I am glad to learn about st.benedict,i am a catholic believer and i feel like an evil spell was cast on me i believe that the medal of st.benedict will heal and protect me from the evil one,oh st.benedict please pray for me.

  • Tina In Ashburn

    In 1880 the Jubilee Medal replaced the letters IHS [the Name of Jesus] with PAX. Dom Gueranger [Benedictine Abbot], in his pamphlet had railed against variations in the medal saying certain changes affected its power. Five years after his death, the medal was changed and re-struck.

    Through the name of Jesus is the only way any power over the devil is achieved. Why remove the Name?

    Unfortunately here, I cannot append the illustration of the original medal that had been promoted and distributed before the Jubilee medal was struck.

  • Tom

    I have worn a medal or silver cross since I was 18. I had a terrible event in my life and sought the protection of God at St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal. It is a place of miracles and healing. Healing and protection was given. My cross and medal remind me of who I belong to, how I should behave and the fact that I exist only because I have been redeemed through Jesus Christ, Son of God. I have St. Benedict medal. I will wear it and report back. I am not Catholic, however, I respect and sympathize with Catholics.

    • Mike Russell

      Unfortunately, there are many Catholics who have not come to the faith and commitment to the Cross of Jesus that you exhibit. God and us can use people like you in our Church, so I am taking the audacious liberty of personally inviting you into the Catholic Church. Please find a parish near you which has an RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) program. I am sure that once you learn about the rich history and theology of the Church, you will be anxious to join. All are welcome. Be blessed

  • Emily Taylor

    I have one of these I need blessed but don’t have any churches near me is there anywhere I can send on in?

  • Butchik cruz

    Pls help medal how to pray?thanx u godbless us

  • Mike Russell

    Emily, print out a copy of the short form blessing of the St. Benedict. Enclose it with a note and the medal and send it with a postage paid, self addressed envelope to the pastor of any Catholic Church. I am sure the priest would gladly bless it and send it back. In fact, you send it to Fr. Ray Moore, St. Thomas More Catholic Church 4275 4th St. S.E. Washington, DC 20032. In your note, mention The Crucifix Crusade (an evangelization project which I have started) and I am sure you will get your blessed medal back. Here is the short form:

    Medals of St. Benedict may be blessed by any priest (Instr. Sept. 26, 1964). The following English form may be used.

    Priest: Our help is in the name of the Lord.
    Response. Who made heaven and earth.
    Priest: In the name of God the Father + almighty, who made heaven and earth, the seas and all that is in them, I exorcise these medals against the power and attacks of the evil one. May all who use these medals devoutly be blessed with health of soul and body. In the name of the Father + almighty, of his Son + Jesus Christ our Lord, and of the Holy + Spirit the Paraclete, and in the love of the same Lord Jesus Christ who will come on the last day to judge the living and the dead, and the world by fire.
    Response: Amen.
    Priest: Let us pray. Almighty God, the boundless source of all good things, we humbly, ask that, through the intercession of St. Benedict, you pour out your blessings + upon these medals. May those who use them devoutly and earnestly strive to perform good works be blessed by you with health of soul and body, the grace of a holy life, and remission of the temporal punishment due to sin. May they also, with the help of your merciful love, resist the temptations of the evil one and strive to exercise true charity and justice toward all, so that one day they may appear sinless and holy in your sight. This we ask through Christ our Lord.
    Response: Amen.
    The medals are then sprinkled with holy water.

    Have a blessed day

  • sheree

    Thank God thank you Jesus for your guidance. Its so important we know exactly the symbols on the Saint Benadicts medal. The power it holds because of God &Jesus my.Lord& Saviour. The way this world is with witchcraft & Occultism . Thank you God Thank you Jesus LM glad we have such a powerful medal.I still know there is no power on heaven or earth stronger than you God. THANKYOU. JESUSYOU ARE MY LORD AND SSAVIOUR

  • Tsitsi Kanyemba

    I had a dream being given a pink St Benedict Medal. I had never heard of it. I went on google and found your site. Please advise if there any free medals.

    Tsitsi Kanyemba
    Vengere T/Ship

    • Guy

      Tsitsi, if you send me your name and address, I will gladly mail you a blessed medal of St. Benedict.

  • A metal chain with 2 similar medals (one small and the big) was bought from a shop in New York. I visited this page and to find out what the inscriptions meant. I also have a “house like” pendant attached on this chain which I do not know about. I did not know who St. Benedict was, but am happy to read about him when I “googled” the letters on the pendants. Still do not know about the other big house pendant.
    Thank you.

  • Thomas

    How would you go about findig & getting the 1880 Jubilee St. Benedict medal? Are they available?(collector,etc)

  • A
  • Anthony

    i read these from “St. Benedicts’s Manual,” Pope Pius IX, Nov. 22, 1875… i found this manual from a seminary library..here it is,: pp.625
    “If the faithful have no opportunity of getting the medal blessed, it may, nevertheless, be applied, for it has been often used with beneficial results before these Indulgences were granted, as the power of the medal lies in the cross and the image of St. Benedict, which it bears, and whose protection it draws down upon the owner. moreover, the Holy name of Jesus, the words our Divine Savior Himself used to expel satan, the remembrance of the glorious victory which the Holy Father St. Benedict gained over the malicious spirit, all these things are so many powerful weapons against the devil.”

  • Janet Douglas

    I purchased a chaplet with a Saint Benedict medal on it and it also had a golden key with the like medal symbols on it. The key is what caught my interest for I had been directed in prayer to look for a golden key many weeks prior. Any explanations would be a blessing.

  • Dan

    Beautiful Medal with Great Meaning. http://www.stbenedictgifts.com