Listers, it is no secret that St. Peter’s List has great adulation for our Prince of the Church, Cardinal Burke. Previously, SPL published a list of photographs from when the Prince visited the Notre-Dame de Fontgombault, in which there are wonderful shots the the Cappa Magna.

Cardinal Burke on SPL

The following gallery is a collection of photographs of Cardinal Burke from various sources. St. Peter’s List hopes to bring attention to this excellent Prince of the Church and illuminate his good work that should not go unnoticed.1


Cardinal Burke in Sydney via Badger Catholic Blog.

Newly-appointed US Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke looks on during a meeting with relatives and friends at the Vatican, Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010. Pope Benedict XVI formally created 24 new cardinals on Saturday amid cheers in St. Peter’s Basilica, bringing a mostly Italian group into the elite club that will eventually elect his successor. (AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito)

Cardinal Burke in the Cappa Magna with the Institute of Christ the King

Cardinal Burke in the “Cappa Magna” or Great Cape.

Cardinal Burke in the old galero.

Cardinal Burke’s Homily of Thanksgiving at the PNAC in Rome. – New Liturgical Movement

The “Official Portrait” from the Archdiocese of St. Louis

Cardinal Burke and the Holy Father via WDTPRS

Cardinal Burke at Thomas More College.

Cardinal Burke and the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Preist.



  1. Updated: The list was updated on 3-12-13 []