25 Reader Recommended Catholic Blogs 2012

25 Catholic blogs that were recommended by the listers of SPL.

A photograph from the Vatican's Blogger Summit.

Listers, SPL’s list of 12 Catholic Blogs Worth Your Time garnered a large lister response of other notable Catholics blogs. As promised, we’ve composed a list of the 25 lister recommended blogs. SPL has also articulated a list of the Top 10 Catholic News Sites, which includes popular sites such as New Advent and the National Catholic Register.

Vatican Blogger Summit via USA Today

25 Lister Recommended Catholic Blogs

The following are listed according to the order in which they were mentioned in the comment box of SPL’s 12 Catholic Blogs Worth Your Time.

1. Called to Communion – Where the “Reformation meets Rome”
2. Shameless Popery – Wonderful Catholic insight with papist effrontery
3. Almost not Catholic – “Why I am Catholic and other things about that…”
4. St. Joseph’s Vanguard – Lay apologist with quality catechetical posts
5. Truth and Charity – A group of writers with an evangelical mindset
6. Ignitum Today – “The social network of the JPII and BXVI generations.”
7. New Theological Movement – A focus on the “hermeneutic of continuity.”
8. Bad Catholic – Droll sarcastic posts on a wide range of subjects
9. Battle of the Core of the World – Catholicism vs Secular Humanism
10. Canon Law Blog: In Light of the Law – Fantastic Canon Law commentary
11. Monsignor Charles Pope – Priest of the Archdiocese of Washington
12. Shirt of Flame – “Ex-lawyer, ex-barfly, Catholic convert,” memoirs and more
13. Betty Duffy – Mother of five writes on various subjects
14. Catholic Bible Blogspot – Timothy, a high school teacher with an S.T.B.
15. Catholic Education and Resource Center – A myriad of Catholic subjects
16. The Catholic Thing – “A forum of intelligent Catholic commentary.”
17. Conversion Diary – Jennifer Fulwiler’s blog, a writer for NC Register
18. Quodcumque Dixerit – Sharing counter-cultural Catholic views
19. Fr. Ray Blake’s Blog – A priest shares his thoughts from the UK
20. The Hermeneutic of Continuity –  Fr Finigan of the Archdiocese of Southwark
21. Sensible Bond – “From the geopolitical epicentre of the culture of death..”
22. Women of Grace – A Catholic apostolate affirming women in their dignity
23. Edward Feser – Professor of Philosophy at the Pasadena City College
24. Priests for Life – Priests and laity working for a culture of life
25. Fr. Barron’s Word on Fire – Extensive theological and cultural commentary


Other Notable Catholic Sites:
12 Catholic Blogs Worth Your Time – Father Z’s WDTPRS, Rorate Caeli, and more.
Top 10 Catholic News Sties – NC Register, New Advent, Pewsitter, and more.


Listers, if there are still more Catholic blogs out there you would share with friends and family, let us know and we’ll post them. If there are blogs in the list you do not think should be shared, let us know that as well. 

  • Barron Jackson

    I think your list is right on! I especially like the New Theological Movement, Battle of the Core of the World and of course St. Peters List!

  • CatholicismUSA is a newer site but at least honorable mention seems fitting!

  • Lank

    Fr. Z deserves Top 10 status.

  • Jonah

    Hmmm… who wrote this? Quite a few others should be on here. Fr. Z especially… IgnatiusInsight…

    • Father Z is on the original post that we published here. This list complies the “Reader Recommended” blogs that were posted in the comments on the original post. Check it out; the others you’re thinking of may be on it, if not please share in the comments! Pax.

  • Trinity

    The Archdiocese of Washington Blog with Msgr. Charles Pope is far superior to Bad Catholic or other similar self-centered blogs. Msgr. Pope does an outstanding job with his spiritually relevant homilies that are understandable while at the same time personally challenging. The ADW blog has made an impressive impact for Catholic identity and evangelism.

  • Jim from Utah

    It’s funny. I read the list of 25 worth my time blogs. I read of two of them. But, if I parouse the notable site-list, I find I regularly read nearly all of the ones on that list. What gives?

  • Whoa, thanks so much for including my beloved Shirt of Flame with all these other illustrious folks on your blog list! Cor ad cor loquitur..

  • Honored to be included, guys. Different blogs, different personalities, reach different people. It’s a great diversity within the unity of the truth of Christ and His Church. God bless!

  • At QDVF we are very proud to be part of this list. Thanks and May the Glory of Christ and His Catholic Church be shared through all media.

  • Having been an active Catholic blogger for over 5 years I recognize only 8 out of the 25 blogs. Out of those 8, 4 are must reads.

  • No love for Crescat. Now I cry. But a big fat congrats to Tim @ Called to Communion.

  • I’m suspicious of this list. I’m on it.

  • I’m really partial to Philothea on Phire. ;-) LOL!

  • Whew! My humility can remain intact, since I did not make the list. ;)
    I love that Brent, Jennifer, Devin, Joe, Marc and Ignitum Today did! They deserve it, and are sufficiently humble to handle the glory.

  • Des

    Ugh. That Bad Catholic blog is a pit of filth and nastiness. If that’s representative of the kind of blogs you’re promoting, count me out. That place fosters evil like nothing I’ve ever seen before.

  • What?!?! No Dominican homily blogs??? Outrageous!

    Fortunately, I know of one: Domine, da mihi hanc aquam!

    :-) (cheesy grin)

    Fr. Philip Neri, OP

  • R. Brooks

    Can’t believe the Anchoress (Elizabeth Scalia) over at First Things isn’t included.

  • lisa parker

    Simcha Fisher’s blog

  • Pepin the Short

    How come Fr Z and Simcha Fischer don’t get a mention here on the main list? Easily two of the very best, in my opinion…

  • M.A.B.


  • This is wonderful to see. I have just started a blog. God Bless you everyone!

  • ANNE P

    Here is a new site that is taking off –
    or search: ” What Catholics REALLY Believe SOURCE “

  • by the teens to the teens newcatholicgeneration.com
    please help us spread our ministry of all the catholic teens on YouTube!

  • Maree McMenamin

    Another one to add to the list: Anna Krohn’s thoughtful blog at http://www.cwlvicww.org/annasblog/.

  • Charles
  • VLL

    Please update the link to http://www.almostnotcatholic.blogspot.com What you have is a broken link. I like to use this as a reference. Thanks!