• Steve

    “Quotes from God’s Rottweiler”

    If God had a rottweiler in recent times, it certainly wasn’t Joseph Ratzinger, maybe St Pius X.

    Why would I say that? One example from the 2000 Theological Commentary on the Secret of Fatima will suffice:

    “The concluding part of the “secret” uses images which Lucia may have seen in devotional books and which draw their inspiration from long-standing intuitions of faith.”


    God sends His holy Mother to save us from the “End Times” apostasy from the Faith, and Cardinal Ratzinger tries to plant seeds of doubt concerning the apparitions? Diabolical.

  • James

    I’m glad you say ‘maybe’. Actually, I don’t think you mean Pius X, but Martin Luther. His worldview was far more congruent with yours.