• My guess is that like MANY Catholic blogs, you don’t really want comments UNLESS they support YOUR views. But prove me WRONG by publishing the following : Here’s how “wise” the R.C. Church’s “pro’s have been over the centuries on sex:
    St. Jerome liked the idea of a sexless paradise (before the fall). According to him, ‘as regards Adam and Eve we must maintain that before the fall they were virgins in Paradise: but after they sinned, and were cast out of Paradise, they were immediately married.’ (It was apparently contrary to God’s plan that Adam and Eve would eventually get around to actually using the sex organs that God had built into them!)
    Jerome taught that ‘The truth is that, in view of the purity of the body of Chrlst, all sexual intercourse is unclean.’ Indeed, ‘A layman, or any believer, cannot pray unless he abstain from sexual intercourse.
    St. Augustine (one of the greatest of the “Doctors of the Church”) ‘discovered’ how evil sex was and how offensive sexual acts were, as even birth took place between the organs of defecation and urination. He was the man, according to the Catholic theologian Uta RankeHeinemann, who was responsible for welding Christianity and hostility to sexual pleasure into a systematic whole. To Augustine, original sin was transmitted through the sexual act, thereby making copulation evil. Even when taking place within marriage, coitus was evil. It could only be redeemed by aiming the sexual act at procreation. Augustine interprets original sin as Adam and Eve’s decision to have sex with lust, instead of choosing to copulate without lust. According to this theory, unless saved through God’s grace, original sin condemns all human beings to eternal death and damnation.
    Augustine accepted that ‘The union … of male and female for the purpose of procreation is the natural good of marriage. But he makes a bad use of this good who uses it beastially, so that his intention is on the gratification of lust.’ Adultery was, of course, out of the question but Augustine developed the concept that even sex with your husband or wife could be sinful.”

    • Paul Digame

      Ray Dubuque is not of God but of Satan and writes lies.

  • Micha Elyi

    Now that Rev. Ray Dubuque has been proven wrong from the beginning of his commentary, I’ll point to his ending – “Augustine developed the concept that even sex with your husband or wife could be sinful” and note the existence of so-called marital rape laws. I guess St. Augustine was correct there too.

    But what did Rev. D’s remarks have to do with the article, anyway?

  • DW

    Rev. Ray likes to make up his own contextual statements and background to serve his rather demented purposes. “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” … all of which are easily refuted … unless he is trolling for ignorant catholics which he will find few here.

  • RJ

    Reverend, what do individual teachings have to do with this article in the least? With all due respect to Jerome, Augustine, and every other early church father or doctor of the church, their opinions are nothing more that that–illuminated opinions. Until you hear it from the mouth of the Church–most likely in an ex-cathedra pronouncement by the Bishop of Rome, or a dogmatic declaration from the college of bishops regarding matters of faith and morals–then assent is required but it is NOT an article of dogma. What this means is that your ramblings are pointless and without application here. Do yourself a favor and spend some time learning what it is you hate, not what you THINK it is you hate.

  • bill bannon

    One of the main problems though is that ex cathedra has not been used in this area. For abortion, infallibility was used in section 62 of Evangelium Vitae…see the wording there, it is a shortened version of the IC type wording. John Paul polled all bishops and got their unanimity against abortion. Contraception remained iffy in this sense: some said it was infallibly settled in the universal, ordinary magisterium (Grisez, Fr. Ford )… others said it was not (Karl Rahner, Bernard Haring). It must be clearly infallible (canon749-3) to be the subject matter of a heresy trial: abortion is..contraception is not. The lower clergy and laity then in the pro life movement tried to connect the pill etc. to being abortion by saying preventing implantation is abortion. That seems extreme because theologians in “Theological Studies” in the 1990’s pointed out that the cell mass up to c.14 days can split into identical twins or quads which means a soul could not have permeated the cell mass prior to then because souls cannot divide. Likewise, two fertilized ova can eventually fuse after conception and form a chimerical person rather than fraternal twins. Immediate ensoulment would mean one would have to die as it fused which would prevent fusion.
    Because of these complications, you’ll notice the Popes talk rarely on the topic compared to the lower clergy and laity. Two major theologians, Rahner and Haring, in the 20th century, saw early ensoulment ruled out by the twinning problem. That made Popes less vocal than pro life people as to seeing the pre embryo as a person…human life yes…an individual person not likely because all cell masses unfortunately can be teased by science into twinning for several weeks. Thus you will the term “human life” used and “must be treated as a person” used in documents but you won’t see Rome state clearly that the cell mass is a person.

    • Bill K

      Bill Bannon,

      You state that the cell mass can split up to 14 days (into twins) after conception. Are you saying that this split is just coincidence rather than the work of God? Please read St. Thomas Aquinas (Summa Theologica) where he explains God as the Immovable Mover. God sets all life in motion. So, in light of this fact, we must presuppose that God had a hand in the split and planned it from the beginning.

  • Brett F

    Study Blessed PJP II “Theology of the Body” and it will be clear how the Catholic Church can rule on sexuality. A clear understanding of Genesis, Ephesians 5:21-32, Jesus’ teacings on celibacy in Matthew 19:12, and Jesus’ teachings for living a beatific life will prove the Church’s authority on living a life of purity, respect of dignity for the human body through God’s true desire for the “spousal” union of the body on earth as Christ was married to the Church.

  • Harold V

    The Governments of Countries with Freedom of Speech are, by definition, secular institutions.
    This arguments are based on the authority given to the Church by God, an authority that can only be acknowledged through FAITH.

    Faith alone must have no weight in front of any Government.