• Randell F Busby

    On Sunday I sat in church as our Pastor read a screed from the Roman Catholic bishop of Tulsa personally attacking President Obama for requiring the billion-dollar Catholic healthcare industry to provide reproductive healthcare for its female employees. As the shepherd of his flock, Tulsa bishop Edward Slattery has the right to communicate the moral principles espoused by his church. However, his diatribe contained statements and accusations that were materially false—he lied.

    Most troubling was the repeated linkage of birth control pills and abortion as moral equivalents—this from the same hierarchy that proclaimed the rape of children by priests and discussion of the ordination of women as morally equivalent. As a faithful Christian and Roman Catholic, I believe that in all instances abortion is murder and intrinsically evil. But, I also believe there are occasions when abortion is, tragically, the lesser of two evils.

    The timing of this personal attack on President Obama was neither coincidental or without co-conspirators: the Roman Catholic and Mormon hierarchies (both with a history violence and subjugation of marginalized peoples) have been in cahoots for years as they work to subvert American democracy. Neither is it coincidental that every viable candidate in the 2012 GOP Presidential primary is either Mormon or Roman Catholic.

    Loyal Americans must fight to protect our constitutional rights. We must stand for the right of women to control their bodies—even when we consider their choices abhorrent. We must prevent zealots (left or right) from further eroding American liberty.

    • Oz


      Many points to be made from your comments. First, it was the Obama administration that came out with this mandate. Not a choreographed screed from Catholics and Mormons (there’s one I haven’t heard). As a matter of fact they did this prior to the Pro-Life March. A direct slap in the face. Second, you call yourself a Catholic and in the same sentence go against the Church. Which is it? Are you a Catholic and abide by Church teaching or do you conveniently pick and choose what to ascribe to?

      Sadly, it’s pretty obvious you are not a Catholic who follows this particular teaching. You rail against the Church and post defamations and allegations that aren’t backed with any links or anything at all.

      We all know that people fall. The Church knows that and has fought that for its 2,000 years of existence. It’s been attacked from the inside and the outside. How have you helped? By going on online and posting invective? How about you post something praising the clergy, the nuns, and so on who help millions of people day in and day out.

      Please, this disgusting president and his administration are a disgrace. They are NOT the victims. What a lame try by you.

      Bravo Kim C!

  • Kim C

    Birth control pills can cause an early abortion. They act in 1 of 2 ways: prevent ovulation or prevent implantation by altering the lining of the uterus. He isn’t wrong. Most Americans just don’t know that. Therefore contraception can cause abortions.

    Not providing contraceptive coverage isn’t subverting American democracy unless you believe ‘democracy’ actually means a group of radical secularists redefining the Constitution and imposing their views on the rest of Americans. Your last line cracks me up; how can you not see this as eroding of American liberty unless you believe the sentence immediately preceding this one?

    The fact that employers be allow to exempt from covering contraception doesn’t limit a woman from using them anymore than the fact that they don’t now cover them limits a woman. There are plenty of places where a woman can buy her contraception and plenty that offer them at a reduced cost. The Church need not be one of those places. Might I point out that contraception fails from the intent of preventing pregnancy so it isn’t the best thing to use for a woman to ‘control her body’. Might I also point out, as a woman, that the most ‘controlling’ thing I can do with my body, in terms of pregnancy or not, is to decide whether or not to engage in an act whose biological end is pregnancy. As a side, NFP can be as effective (or more) than the pill to prevent pregnancy, and your local Catholic church agency would be more than happy to point you to an instructor.

    P.S. conspiracy theories need to go. It’s the equivalent of me saying “The secular radicalists have been in cahoots for years as they work to subvert American democracy. It isn’t coincidental that every viable candidate in the 2012 Democrat primary is a radical secularist”; although actually, mine sounds a lot more like the truth we’re seeing unfold.

    • Randell F Busby

      The actions of a minority group of people to subvert the will of the greatest political system ever to exist, is indeed a conspiracy… nothing theoretical about it.

      Both the Mormon and Roman Catholic Churches (note that I correctly name the *Roman* wing of the universal church since there are 20 other communicant bodies of Catholicism and some others are, apparently, “baby killers” too).

      The right wing (neo-fascists) is trying to legislate morality because of their complete lack of moral or ethical suasion in the modern arena. The Roman Catholic Church, in particular, is morally destitute. In fact, your hero Ed Slattery is wasting parishioner’s money as we write as he defends sexual predators and cover-ups in his own administration.

      This is not a constitutional issue!!!! For 200 years, the first amendment has been interpreted one of two ways: 1) prohibiting the establishment of a national religion by Congress, or 2) the preference by the U.S. government of one religion over another. Neither of these approaches applies to this situation. In fact, it only becomes a constitutional question when the President or Congress exempt a specific non-sectarian entity from the requirements of a law or statute.

      Twenty-eight states already require this benefit (some with NO religious exemption), and thousands of Roman Catholic colleges, hospitals, and agencies already provide women’s reproductive healthcare. Where was the hierarchy when all that happened!?!?

      This is politics, plains and simple. It disgusts me that our “shepherds” are intentionally, and with malice, manipulating the well meaning and good hearted faithful into a lather for craven political ends.

  • Kim C

    Way to go Bishop Slatery! When the administration seeks to trample on the religious liberty of others, I hope they are appreciative of the fight the Catholic bishops and laity put up for them.

  • This might be the first time some of our “Catholic” politicians ever heard the word “NO” from a Catholic Bishop. It’s about time.

  • Jeff Becerra

    So am I to believe that in order for me to be a good Catholic I have to vote Republican? This article is very upsetting to me. It sounds like the Church is more concerned with costs and the bottom line than allowing poor and needy people to receive free health care. I do not want to offend anybody here, but I am a proud Catholic and I am also a Democrat. I am also against contraception of any kind and have raised my kids to believe in this way of thinking as well.

  • Tino

    Jeff, hang in there. I, too, am Democrat and constantly have to listen to more affluent church members rant about their “issues” with our president. You are doing the right thing in my book. We all err and I will always err on the side of the poor and needy. Someone we go to see every Sunday did the same thing. How wrong can we be??

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  • Christina

    Jeff & Tino, The Church is not saying you always have to vote Republican in order to be a Good Catholic. But YOU must vote life and religious freedom in order to be a Christian. The word Christian is Christ Like. If Jesus himself had to decide between 2 people, 1 for life and 1 for killing babies, which one do you think he would choose? I personally hurt for the murdered babies, however if you want to kill your child or take birth control it is not my call. I just do not want to be forced to pay for it. One day I will stand before God in Judgement and I do not want the stain of unborn children’s blood on my soul. As far as religious freedom is concerned, today a little is taken away and it’s only the beginning! If we allow the Government they will run all Churches by way of new laws and regulations in the name of the poor. I too support the poor and needy and know it is our duty as Christian’s to help when and where we can. I am a Democrat as well; But I am a Christian first and I will not vote for anyone who is for abortion or for taking our religious freedoms away.
    How wrong can LIFE be?

  • I believe that All Churches have a lot of power and united they can stand together and support our religious freedom. Religious freedom is not the only Freedom at stack here.

  • Bishop Lic Canot,Th.D.DD.

    The Lord be with all of your.


  • I was once a Democrat, and once upon a time MANY democrats were PROLIFE! What happened? Even Jesse Jackson was once pro-life. He SOLD OUT to Planned Parenthoods heavy donations. I call it selling your soul to the devil! I do not see any proof that the Democrats have a monopoly on helping the poor. I volunteer along many conservatives. In fact, I don’t know the politics of most I volunteer with unless they have bumperstickers on their cars, and frankly I don’t care. It’s only when the community organizers (progressives by their own description) show up to encourage envy of material things and stir up anger and hatred that lines are drawn and suddenly everyone takes sides and it is ugly. It is getting ready to happen in Tulsa, so if your social justice committee is voting to give the Industrial Areas Foundation 1-2% of your annual budget, you better research for yourself to find out what they stand for, and keep praying.