• Juan Perez

    She (he) is like Shakira: “The Republican’s Pop Star”

  • I think his wife need to cover up…immodesty promotes promiscuity and then what ..Abortion?

    • I’m sorry. He is talking about KILLING UNBORN BABIES. I don’t think you agree with his premise and therefore the look of his wife’s outfit is important to you. Think, had your parent disagree with him, like you, maybe you would not be there. Thank God that someone in an important position is fighting for, “those with the least power”, “The UNBORN”.


    • Senora Dave

      Come on…. That is not the subject here. What are were you expecting, a burka?

    • Karen Coon

      Exactly: these type of fashions help promote the culture of death. Not even Rubio who’s good on many issues gets it. (oh, and the other posters too.) No not a burka; we want Catholic dignity and modesty.

    • Bill

      Joyce … you’re right, bring back long skirt and the bustle … oh wait, in it’s day the bustle that was also considered promiscuous.

  • Jennifer

    I think the days of women dressing well may be over. She looks well groomed and dressed fashionably for a summer cocktail party. I don’t get it either. I wish all women would dress more conservatively & not try to look like fashion models. But, I am not sure women raised on Katie Couric will ever see fashion like it used to be.

  • Hoser

    Typical Democrat: Can’t find speechless to find an argument so attack the person.

  • Claire

    Well Said Senator Rubio.

  • Vanessa

    All the great arguments. I don’t know how anyone could hear it and still be pro-choice. It is such a joy to hear a man in government speaking about life. I am glad he is my senator!