Pope Benedict XVI and Beer: 9 Photos to Brighten Your Day

“Bless O Lord this Creature Beer!” – 9 photos that bridge the gap between the greatness of beer and our beloved Holy Father.

Ratzinger Invalid Beer

Listers, praise be to Jesus Christ Our Lord that we are not Puritans. Christ did not change wine into water, he change water into wine; and ever since then our Church has had a long and proud history of brewing and refining alcoholic beverages. The following are several photos featuring Cardinal Ratzinger, German beer memorabilia from Pope Benedict XVI’s journey to Germany, and other papal products for your enjoyment.1


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Cardinal Ratzinger solving the world’s problems over beer.

Cardinal Ratzinger enjoy a hefty glass of beer.

The photo is reported to be Cardinal Ratzinger and Karl Rahner and a third guest enjoying a conversation and beer.

A speciality German beer created to commemorate the Pope’s visit to Germany.

A German beer stein created for the Pope’s visit to Germany.

Beer stein with Pope Benedict XVI’s Code of Arms

A “Cardinal Ratzinger Stein” – “Laying the Smackdown on Heresy”

A beer stein with a photo of our beloved Holy Father


UPDATE: This post was updated on 3-14-13, the morning after Pope Francis was raised to the Apostolic Throne of St. Peter.

  1. SPL thanks Andrea Timm – a lovely lister – for bringing the featured image to our attention and precipitating this post. []
  • Scott

    Well, he IS German! :D

  • Catechist Kevin

    Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………… Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!

    Me likes beer, too. :)

    Catechist Kevin


      I do not like alcohol for the most part. However, I do like Strawberry Wiesse.

  • Aquinas

    The look on his face is awesome… it’s all in the eyes. He’s just daring me to challenge his beer drinking abilities.

  • Jim

    The Pope’s beer is on tap in a few pubs in the Boston, Mass. area…. true story. The proprietor at one of them from what I understand serves it specificially because the Pope drinks it. That is cool.

  • FortAnthem

    Shouldn’t that first one read:

    Roma Madditus Est

    Causa Finita Est

  • Roger Filips

    I am glad it is beer and not a sissy drink!

  • Ben

    Beer is proof that God wants us to be happy.

  • Teacher

    I hate beer, but I love the pope!

  • I personally find it offensive that the Pope, drinking alcohol in public, is not appropriate. Just as I find it offensive that Catholic Church groups have and provide alcohol at functions in the Church. What one does on one’s on is fine with me; however, I can not condone the presence of alcohol in Church sponsored groups. Alcohol causes too much harm to so many persons and their families. Responsible use of such beverages are okay as long as done within the confines of the home with NO DRIVING to home after the alcohol is consumed.

    I’m sure, here in the South, with so many Northerners invading our communities, that this is not a popular response. So be it. It is what I believe.

    • Bil

      First of all, he is not pope in that photograph. He is wearing the vestments of a cardinal. Second, he isn’t in the SOUTH, unless you consider the relative location of Bavaria to the rest of Germany as South. What I mean is, don’t project your values on somebody half a planet away. Among Germans, and most of Europe, drinking beer is absolutely fine. If you can’t handle your alcohol, you shouldn’t drink it.

      What was Christ’s first miracle in the Gospel of John? He turned the water into wine at a “church-sponsored” event – the wedding at Cana.

      The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ is consecrated at every Mass, every day, in thousands of Churches around the world. It is consecrated from common wine. All Catholics who are in a state of grace are encouraged to partake of the sacrament, including children. If you still have a problem with that, start a website, call your congressman, or simply be quiet.

    • Jerry

      I’m sorry that you do not condone what Christ commanded, “this is the chalice of my Blood…”, methinks your Southern Baptist (or Calvinist?) sensibilities are crowding out any logical thought. 1) the presence of alcohol (ie, the True Presence in the species of wine) in the Catholic liturgy is inifinitely beneficial–not harmful–and does not result in intoxication or drunken driving following Mass, and 2) Christ himself partook of wine in a social setting (see Cana).

    • Ellen Mullin

      Donald, you are on my prayer list, and I am not being sarcastic. Northeners invading? Pope drinking public? Do it in the closet but not in public! Right? The devil made me do it? Donald in your short paragraph I read you have issuses on being authentic thus happy. Learn from the Christ our sweet, laughing, loveing Lord whose example we should follow. Our daily crosses are hard enough to bear without our adding to them.

  • John Joseph

    What an irony. Many Catholic Churches (Syro-Malabar, Syro-Malankara, to name name a few) are actively campaigning against drinking. and here you are encouraging it. What is sauce for the goose is …… !!!!
    I fully agree with Donald White.

  • LUKE1732

    “I can not condone the presence of alcohol in Church sponsored groups.”

    That will make it difficult to satisfy your Sunday obligation.

  • drink up!

  • king billy

    Puritans and neo cons. have A beer and relax. God gave us beer. say grace and drink up.

  • Ellen M,

    I am not condoning or,condeming. Now I fully understand the Tower of Babel. What I am saying is to carry on about the Pope or anyone else having a drink in public is SICK Romans15:5. We as members of the Human Race should FIRST look within before we look at the actions of others. We are here on earth for one reason only, to LOVE each other as the Chist taught us. We cannot learn to love unless we first look within.

  • Chabor Lewis Ofovwe

    Holy Father, drink on! Even Christ was called a wiine drinker, and He did drink wine in public! Why not His Holy Vicar!!!! Ben, DRINK ON!!!

  • Paul Smith

    I really enjoy drinking out of my “I Love My German Shepherd!” beer stein.

  • KSchmidt

    I’m digging #3, and #8 cracked me up—I want it!

  • Wow. I really want to get one of those steins! Praise be to God for giving us the ingredients, the tools, and the mindsr to make and enjoy beer.

  • Do you mind if I reprint one of these at my blog? I’d give a link back, of course. I already have it up, but I’m not sure where I got it from and I’d feel better if I had permission to keep it there. Thanks!

    • Luke, yes you are more than welcome to repost these on your blog. We do not have a claim to any of these photographs, but a link back to us is always appreciated. Cheers.


  • Daniel

    “All things are lawful, but not all things are helpful. All things are lawful, but not all things build up”. God gave you prudence and common sense. Enjoy your beer as long as it’s not harmful for you or others. Some might drink up to a dozen pints, others just a sip. We’re not all the same, and that’s just great.