Planned Parenthood’s “Superhero for Choice” Cartoon: Pro-Life Zombies and Other Filth

"The Death Merchants"

Listers, the following is the culture of death’s enervating message wrapped up in an “innocuous” cartoon. The level of propaganda targeted toward children and young adults in this video is astonishing. Credit to Life Site News for bringing this 2005 video to the forefront.

It contains the following:
A “Superhero for Choice” that advocates the death merchant’s ideals
Pro-lifers depicted as zombies
A condom shooting pistol
A sleazy pro-life antagonist that “seduces” children into abstinence
Washington Monument covered by a condom
A pro-life senator depicted as “a grandiose narcissist” who is above the law
And much more filth…

  • They’ve been around for 89 whole years, so you know they have it right…wait a minute…

    • Kristen

      Since the Church has been around over 2000 years, I guess we trump them on that brilliant argument!

  • Andre

    Did anyone else notice that the “hero” in this video is named “Dionysus”? I thought, that is a strange name and sounds like a Greek god of some sort. So I googled the name and a Wikipedia page on Dionysus. The following paragraph, I thought, was enlightening:

    Euripides composed a tragedy about the destructive nature of Dionysus in The Bacchae. Since Euripides wrote this play while in the court of King Archelaus of Macedon, some scholars believe that the cult of Dionysus was malicious in Macedon but benign in Athens.

    In the play, Dionysus returns to his birthplace, Thebes, which is ruled by his cousin Pentheus. Dionysus wants to exact revenge on Pentheus and the women of Thebes (his aunts Agave, Ino and Autonoe) for not believing his mother Semele’s claims of being impregnated by Zeus, and for denying Dionysus’s divinity (and therefore not worshiping him).

    Dionysus slowly drives Pentheus mad, lures him to the woods of Mount Cithaeron, and then convinces him to spy/peek on the Maenads (female worshippers of Dionysus, who often experienced divine ecstasy). The Maenads are in an insane frenzy when Pentheus sees them (earlier in the play they had ripped apart a herd of cattle), and they catch him but mistake him for a wild animal. Pentheus is torn to shreds, and *his mother* (Agave, one of the Maenads), not recognizing her own son because of her madness, *brutally tears his limbs off* as he begs for his life.

    I don’t think the name “Dionysus” was an accident in light of this.

    • Jim

      I did realize that Dionysus was the superheros name, but since “Safe is Sexy” I completely forgot that part and just felt cleansed by Modernist dribble. *Sarcasm* In all honesty, I stopped watching after she covered the protesters in a condom and bad them “blow up” or disappear. :/

  • narp

    prayer need big time~~~

  • Mary

    This is probably being shown to all young public school children, and definitely to all Girl Scouts (don’t buy their cookies!!)….who will ever be able to re-educate them once this trash is in their heads? God help us all.

  • KSchmidt

    I am not the type to burry my head in the sand, nor do I aim to carefully offend no one. However it saddens me that such a positive thing as SPL would include “filth” with all the uplifting lists and articles SPL offers. No solution or action is offered, there is no redeeming quality in posting this. It seems like simply cursing the darkness.

  • enness

    KSCHMIDT, I think it’s more like exposing something very dark to the light of day.

  • Kylie

    this HAS TO BE A JOKE. this cannot be legit. makes me literally sick to my stomach to think that children are being shown this. This explains the mindset of my generation. I am so blessed that I know God and that I know why abortion is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!

  • Kevin Mc.

    Mary asks “Who will be able to re-educate them…”. I think Mary, it is all of us who believe that will do it, one person at a time. We must not bow to the pressures of society and “keep our religion in our Churches and at home”, but challenge people where ever we find them in the public square, when they spout off the PP/Pro Abortion nonsense. Challenge them & ask them “Don’t you KNOW that’s a person, that YOU started out the exact same way?” Once you get them to agree to this, then the next statement must be “Well then, how can you think it’s ok to abort (kill/murder/rip to pieces…literally, etc.) another person who is also starting out in the same manner? Don’t you think they would want to live and see and do all the things you’ve done up to now?” Finally, tell them that if they believe in God, then “How can you say it’s ok to kill the baby in the womb if God says ‘Thou shall not kill’? Do you think He meant that for everyone EXCEPT YOU?” You get the line of questions. But I believe it’s up to all of us to confront this anywhere we can, even if it gets us fired from out jobs, laughed out of the country clubs…whatever. Look how all the martyrs have suffered for Christ. Can we not suffer for Him as well? I know you can do it…so go on…go do it! :)

  • Angela

    I am weeping for this generation. Selfishness is ruling the day. This is a call to love much, pray much and lean on the Mercy of God.

  • How about making a choice not to sleep around?