Listers, the Vatican has called for priests and religious to spread the gospel through the burgeoning social media communities. The following priests are an excellent sampling of the new evangelization’s organic movement toward a strong Catholic presence online. Many of the following were amongst the first to take the gospel into the the blogosphere and on Twitter.


5 Catholic Priests on Twitter


1. Father Z


Father Z is a popular Catholic priest with an approachable online personality. Father Z runs an award winning blog, and is widely recognized as an authority on liturgy, bird feeder activities, and culinary prudence.


2. Father Robert Barron


Not very active on Twitter, but his catechetical ministry is exemplary. Fr. Barron’s astute erudition is best seen in his episodic documentary Catholicism.


3. Fr. Jonathan


Catholic priest and FOX News analyst. Fr. Jonathan is often the voice of reason disabusing the misconceptions of Catholicism in the public eye.


4. iPadre


Priest, Mac Geek, and avid social media user. “iPadre” was certainly amongst the first generation of priests to share the gospel on the social media venues.


5. Father Charles


The jovial Capuchin has an active Twitter account. He is a constant stream of witticisms, paradoxes, and geographical locations.


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Listers, we are quite aware that there are many more priests on Twitter than these five. If your priest or just a priest you enjoy is active on Twitter, please share their Twitter handle and we’ll add them to the list. Cheers.