• Mary Catherine Siatta

    I think this is the most difficult time as most people serving in our political arena today are far from exmples of any faith expression. . I am a Roman Catholic OCDS and want to live my faith to the fullest.
    I have been reading various, numerous Encyclicals in an effort to become better informed on Church teaching. AS a result my thought are now more that ever aligned with the Democratic view. I Pro Life in all areas not only abortion but also in War and tortue.
    I have found the above statement the most helpful information I have read and will continue to pray for the person God has chosen to lead our country and to form my mind to God’s will in voting. Thank you

  • Walt

    Mary Catherine: I am very interested in the encyclicals you read that lead you “more than ever” to support the Democratic party. The democratic platform is anti-God (only returned against the will of the voting convention attendees), anti-Israel, anti-life, supporting the killing of unborn and partially born children thru the entire nine months of pregnancy, pro-euthanasia, pro-fetal stem cell research, pro-cloning and pro-homosexual marriage andanti-religious freedom. I will not begin to go into their ill conceived ideas of producing a socialist/welfare state. So please pass on the names of those encyclicals so I can read them. Thanks

    • Cecilia

      Walt, I agree with you. I’m not sure what Catherine read but I’m quite positive that our faith does not align with the democratic views. At all. They are simply put; pro-death, pro-“me and what I want, when I want it”, anti-morals, anti-God, anti-Catholicism, anti-everything that I stand for.