• Ryan LeBlanc

    Barf. Radical inclusion is the counter-cultural movement of Christ. When one man goes against the pontiff and the mind of the Church, that man’s the one who’s a heretic. Sowing division in media does not heal unity in Christ. And as a man dedicated to Christ, I can’t see Burke styling himself as a superhero. If catechesis needs improving, I’m willing to listen to ideas, including from those who have been in a room with young people and heard their perspectives.

    Sorry so sour, but I challenge this mode of heroism. I do not admire.

    • kawangchang

      Then you need some work !

    • Greg Stuart

      But that’s it, he is NOT the only. Plenty of cardinals, bishops and especially the hundreds of priests who have signed “open letters” here and in Europe are behind him not to mention the many, many faithfuls. He is carrying the torch (and taking the heat) on our half. God bless Cardinal Burke !

  • Boniface


  • Thomas J. Ryan

    Comments can’t be blank

    • Frà Alexis Bugnolo

      That’s extremely derogatory of Italian Catholics!

      • Thomas J. Ryan

        We’re past that. Ironically, the term is meaningless to Europeans. Benedict wouldn’t say it and it would be lost on Italians

  • Agustinus Biotamalo Lumbantoru


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  • Josemaria Lazaro Errazuriz-For

    All the way with Burke! But First he needs to say that Christ is King in Society and State!

  • Canon 915

  • Elizabeth

    LOVE THIS….Burke is my hero as a convert I need him a LOT!