Fr. Amorth on the 4 Types of Curses

“Whoever devotes himself to these practices becomes a servant of Satan through his own fault.”

Farther Gabriele Amorth

Listers, we return to Fr. Gabriele Amorth’s memoir style work An Exorcist Tells His Story. Our first post explored the variations of demonic possession. In this post, we will listen to his wisdom regarding different types of curses.

Fr. Amorth in his own words:

Curse is a generic word. It is commonly defined as “harming others through demonic intervention.” This is an exact definition, but it does not explain the cause of the harm, hence the beginning of confusion. For instance, some believe that curse is synonymous with spell or witchcraft. In my opinion, spells and witchcraft are two different types of curses. I do not claim to give a comprehensive explanation, and I rely solely on my own experience when I defend the following forms of curses.

1. Black Magic – Witchcraft – Satanic Rites that Culminate with Black Masses

Fr. Amorth address these practices as a group because they are analogous and they share the “common characteristic” of obtaining “a curse against a specific person through magic formulas or rituals – at times very complex – by invoking the demon, but without the use of particular objects.”

Whoever devotes himself to these practices becomes a servant of Satan through his own fault.

Scriptural passages prohibiting analogous practices: Dt18:10-12, Lev 19:31, Lev 20:27, Lev 19:26-31, Ex 22:18

Fr. Gabriele Amorth, Chief Exorcist of the Vatican

2. Curses

Curses invoke evil, and the origin of all evil is demonic. When curses are spoken with true perfidy, especially if there is a blood relationship between the one who casts them and the accursed, the outcome can be terrible.

Fr. Amorth stresses the fact that there are incredibly strong bonds between family members, and that curses that operate within these familial bonds or on a “special occasion,” e.g., a wedding, can have terrible consequences.

He gives several examples of cases he worked: a young man cursed by his own father at birth, parents cursing their daughter-in-law at their wedding, and man whose grandmother cursed a photograph of him, resulting in ill legs and multiple surgeries.

Fr. Amorth, author of “An Exorcist Tells His Story”

3. The Evil Eye

This consists in a spell cast by looking at someone. It does not come about, as many think, by believing that some individual cause bad luck by just looking at you; this is nonsense. The evil eye is a true spell; in other words, it presupposes the will to harm a predetermined person with the intervention of demons.

What is important is that the victim should not suspect everyone he meets, but forgive wholeheartedly whoever caused him evil, no matter who. I want to stress that, while i believe that the evil eye is possible, I cannot be positive that I have encountered it in my experience as an exorcist.

Fr. Amorth is a leading voice in the renewal for exorcism ministries

4. The Spell (aka Malefice or Hex)

A “spell” is the “most commonly used means to achieve evil.” In Latin, it is the male factus – meaning “Evil work.” It is generally accomplished by making some type of “evil” artifact.

The object has an almost symbolic value: it is a tangible sign of the will to harm, and it is offered to Satan to be imprinted with his evil powers. It is often said that Satan apes God; in this case we can use the sacraments as an analogy. The sacraments use tangible matter (for instance the water of baptism) as an instrument of grace. In the malefice matter is used as an instrument of harm.

Application of the Malefice:

Direct Way: “Consists of mixing the object that is used for the spell into the victims’s food or drink. As already mentioned, this is manufactured with the most diverse materials; it can be menstrual blood; bones of dead people; various burned powders, mostly black; animal parts – the heart seems to be the favorite; peculiar herbs, and so on.”

Indirect Way: “This consists in hexing objects that belong to the target (photographs, clothes, or other belongings) or figures that represent the accuresed: dolls, puppets, animals, even real people of the same age and sex. This is called “transfer” material, and it is struck with the same ills that are inteded for the victim.”

Other Attributes:

Binding Malefice: The transfer object is bound with various ribbons or animal hairs to produce a “binding” effect. Fr. Amorth recounts an event where a doll was bound to an umbilical cord with horse hair in an attempt to strike a pregnant woman’s child.

Hex Objects: Often times transfer objects for a hex appear inside pillows or mattresses.

I have found just about everything, from colored and tied ribbons to chunks of hair tightly knotted… animals – especially mice – or geometric shapes; and blood clots. I have seen chunks of wood or iron, twisted wire, and dolls full of piercing and marks and have witnessed the sudden appearance of very thick braids of children or women’s hair.

Miraculously, sometimes these objects are not even visible until holy water is sprinkled upon the opened pillow.1

  1. As a reminder, Fr. Amorth stresses that the best defense against all such demonic attacks – ordinary, extraordinary, curses, etc. – is faithfully living the Catholic life, especially frequent participation in the sacraments of confession and the Eucharist. []
  • Wonderful posting. Remember to keep up the first rate performance.

  • Patrick

    Good work father.his greatest victory is to have you not believe he exists.

  • Bernie

    Quite frankly, I think Amorth is a nutcase! And, no, I don’t believe in hexes, evil-eyes and curses! Demonic possession? No, I don’t believe in that either.

    • Jonathan Ante

      Then you are spiritually blind my friend. Just as Jesus healed people; repeatedly we are told in the Gospels that there is an enemy that seeks to destroy us.

      You want evidence that this stuff exists… it does; and the people involved use the internet to communicate to each other and to draw others in. I have the evidence.

      You can look to the Gospels… which I prefer you do as this is safer than for me to open a doorway in your life to the occult by sharing my information with you. I was once in Satanism. I did not believe either… and God used that experience to lead me to Him.

      You may not believe… because you need to see through the eyes of the Spirit and not through the flesh.

    • Rosa Lopes

      But how wrong you are my friend.being a past worker of this evil I can assure you that all of this is real and can indeed do great harm to those we dare to target but there are also huge consequences for if the receiver protects himself with confession and Eucharist then the spells hex or any other malefice will not be able to enter the intended person and therefore it returns 3 fold to the evil doer.

    • THOMAS M

      I think he may a little too inclined to see the devil operating in everyday life, but after as many years as he has served as the chief exorcist of Rome (a city riddled with the occult, I never saw anything while I was there, but there were places where I could definitely feel it), you would see the devil under every rock too!

      What he talks about is very real. I have fortunately never experienced it with the directness which many of the other commentators have, but I have experienced in more subtle ways. The devil is quite real, and since many people no longer believe in him, he is more freer to operate as he wishes.

      Vade retro, draco! Crux sacra sit mihi lux!
      Sancte Michaele Archangele, defende nos in proelio!

    • Hugh

      it is not an optional belief if you are a Catholic.

      • Gina

        However, there are too many Catholics who do not believe in demons. I, on the other hand, was raised as a Catholic and have had experiences with demons (since the age of nine).

  • Mike bitong

    Invoking the demon is a powerful weapon to destroy somebody but he wants something in return your soul! Nothing is free with satan he wants something in return. So stupid humans you invoke him will have serious consequences.

  • marko

    Bernie you think wrong if you have ever read the bible it talks about witchcraft if witchcraft was not real would the bible mention it????? belevieve me you of little faith it is very real

  • DD

    How do I say I have met a few myself. People just do not know any better. All I am able to say is Thank You Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, King of Kings, and Thank You to Arch Angel Michael.

    By the intercession of Arch Angel Michael and the Celestial Choir of Powers in Heaven may the Lord in Heaven vouchsafe to Protect our Souls/Spirits/Minds/Brains/Bodies against the snares and temptation(s) and possessions of The Serpent, The Snake, Dragons, The Beast, Satan, The Witch of Babylon, Demon(s), Witch(es), Warlock(s), Wizard(s), Sorceress(es), Druid(s), Obiman(s), Practitioner(s) of Black Magic/Magi(es), Voodoo(ers), Hoodoo(ers), Conjurer(s), Crone(s), Scythe(s’), Fury(ies), Dark, Grey, Brown, and Black Spirit(s), Invisible Spirit(s), incubi, succubae(es), jinn[s], Enchantment(s), Enticement(s), Temptation(s), Seduction(s), Poison{s},Hex(es), Curse(s), Potion(s), Spell(s), Bewitchment(s), Occultist(s), Fortune Teller(s), Necromancer(s), Against every and all evil thought(s) sent, all evil hostile merciless power(s) which may assail my soul, spirit, body, thoughts, speech, acts, senses, brain, and mind, Against the incantation(s) of false prophet(s), against the black laws of heathenism/heathen(s), vooo do dolls, against the false laws of heresy/blasphemer(s)/heretics, against the deceits of idolatry/idolater(s), against every and all evil thought(s) set and sent against me, against the spell(s), hex(e)s, humiliation{s},curse(s), brew(s),evil eye(s), evil gesture(s), evil touches, hypocrite(s), devil/demon/Babylon/bezelbub worshiper(s), pagan(s), and druid(s),incantation(s), against every and all knowledge that binds the soul(s)/spirit(s)/mind(s)/Brain(s) of man and or men/woman and or women, child and or children, the innocent, innocence, witches of Babylon and against every and all temptation(s)/seduction(s).

    It never ceases to amaze me what people will do to obtain what ever it is they want. In the Bible she is named the whore of Babylon because she sold her soul to Satan for powers and she is a ruthless pain where I sit!

  • Vincent Sr

    Jesus Christ defeated Satan at the cross. Jesus took the keys of hell and death and the keys to our souls away from Satan by shedding HIS blood for our sins at the cross. Any individual who has the ability and power to cast out demons comes from Jesus HIMSELF. It’s all in the Bible…

    • Lasallian

      Amen (So be it), Vincent!

    • St. Joseph

      You are very right! Lucifer-turned serpent- the author of death; in the Garden of Eden, near the forbidden tree during the fall of Adam & Eve. God declared in Genesis 3:15 that Jesus-the new Adam, will restore Eternal Life by dying on the Cross made of tree. He is victorious, as He resurrected from the dead. His Blessed Mother-the new Eve was prophesized according to the Holy Scripture (Genesis 3:15) in crushing the head of the serpent, Lucifer.

  • Anthony

    Thanks for the information,keep the good work going GOD bless you

  • mike bitong-new york

    Always pray for supernatural protection,invoke God,Virgin Mary, Jesus and your favorite saints to protect you. Wear the scapular w Saint Michael medal and miraculous medal attach to it. It works for me. Wear it perseveringly. The devil will flee from you. All sacramentals are weapons to eradicate the demons. Fear God not the demons, they just annoying.

  • miriam

    The Most Precious Blood of Jesus, and His Most Holy Name’ Jesus, are for me, with the protection of the sacraments, the strongest weapons and greatest power against the devil and all his minions
    ‘From that Sacred Body, broken,
    Blood and Water forth proceed.
    Earth and stars and sky and ocean
    by that Blood from stain are freed.’



    • Alex

      Try to find a priest who will help try to talk to a real good exorcist priest and pray the rosary go to confession and mass and pray for your sister God bless you :)

    • Michael

      Most priests who celebrate the new (post V2) Mass seem to not accept demonic possession as a real occurrence. I suggest you try to find a traditional priest who can help. I recommend (depending on where you live) seeking out either a SSPX or SSPV priest. From my dealings with both these groups they seem to be genuine, devout priests with valid orders who would take this matter seriously. However, it is worth noting (although I am far from an expert, just some observations I have been told) that A: a person cannot be possessed unless they give a demon an opening (playing with a ouiji board, for example) B: demons are driven out by prayer and fasting C: demonic obsession and the third kind of demonic activity which name escapes me often look like the ever-well-known demonic possession but are different and C: as (I believe) Father Amorth himself said on at least one occasion, the only exorcism ritual which works is the pre-V2 one said in Latin and which includes the prayers to the Archangel Michael.

    • joechia

      My family is the victim of an evil father in law who uses black magic to try to destroy my marriage . He is a wolf in sheeps clothings and it took me many decades to find out that he is the evil force behind the attack on my family.

      The reason his attack failed to work fully was because I pray the Rosary besides going to church. I also prayed the Divine Mercy and asked for prayers by Charistic Groups.

      My wife told me that at one time whe was going to disturb me when I was praying the Rosary but could not come near as there seems to be a force about me.

      My FIL after failing to attack me directly , do so though her daughter.

      Use the Holy Water regularly , sprinkle about the house and on oneself and then pray the Rosary when under attack.

    • Christopher Feeney

      If no priest will help you, you can write to the Bishop. Also, I’d suggest emailing Father Chad Ripperger. He’s an exorcist in Tulsa OK. He could help you find someone who can help you.

  • warren tandang

    Thanks for this infomation, I believe in all of them but i know that they can be beaten by the power of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

  • calvet

    Its so educative of you to teach us how far the devil can go just to destroy the kingdom of God.
    Its unfortunate the impact our relatives have over us. May God protect us and keep us safe.
    If possible I would like to get in touch on a one on one basis with the priest fr and president of this organization in the catholic church
    My email adress is



  • Monika

    When I was pregnant with my daughter,
    Both my sister and my mother in law said they hope that my daughter will be worse then their children. Well my daughter IS!. Now it may seem funny to most, but it isn’t to me . I was wondering if that ” curse” has anything to do with her behavior.
    Thank you and God is,

    • Rex

      Maybe. Break it. Be a devout Catholic.

    • JEP

      it could be genetics

  • Patricia Grabher

    I think the greatest accomplishment of Satan and his company is to convince people that he and his are not real. There was a curse put on my mother’s side of my family. I don’t know who or when but I know that it was either her generation or before. I have felt evil presences since I was very small. No one can tell that evil is not real. An exorcist has been involved in my home and my cousin’s home. It worked.
    Thank God for exorcists. Thank you, Father Amorth.

  • Gina

    I saw a demon when I was eight years old. I am now middle aged and when I close my eyes and concentrate, I can still see the evil thing in my mind. Once you have been touched by Satan and his demons, it will never leave you. I pray to Michael the Archangel, the Virgin Mary and Jesus daily (several times a day). I welcome comments from others that have experienced spiritual warfare.

    • Rafael

      I have seen a lot of different things in my life, and it all started after I was very young when I saw a demon outside my window. And it only got worse after my ex tricked me in going to a guy that did voodoo. That’s when things really got crazy for me, but after we split I realized what she was doing. She wanted me to die and had me push my family away. But I’m getting closer to god, and I see now that my future will be involved in the church.

    • Rafael

      I was was about 1-3 years younger than you when you saw what you did. At the time I was sooo scared I bit my older brothers finger and then it flew away.

  • Tom Steele

    It’s real! There are many manifestations of evil. Look at ISL and Al Qaida. Terrorists and evil hateful leaders who cause wars, murder and mayhem are running rampant today.

  • Gina

    Don’t forget Hitler, Stalin, etc, who were demon possessed.

  • Ash

    Me and my immediate family (parents and siblings) were cursed by one or more of my father’s siblings, so you can expect the outcome to be awful. It was. According to a priest with a special gift, we were cursed with a barrier that would make us seem repulsive to other people, and sensitivity as well as misfortune. The worst part is that we didn’t know that we were cursed until years later. The good news is that we have all forgiven whoever the witch was (we never found out exactly who, but we know they are one or more of my father’s siblings), so we are safe. Oh and that priest talked to the holy spirit so through him he casted out all of the demons that had contaminated us (not an exorcism) , as well as breaking the curse.