Listers, Holy Mother Church is a global and vibrant body. Many have shared the sentiment that the secular media never understands religion, which only further precipitates the need for faithful and prudent Catholic news services. The following are an excellent sampling of Catholic news agencies. 

8 Catholic News Services on Twitter

Pew Sitter


They don’t tweet any of their own content, but they do a good job of amalgamating good articles on their site (though it is an ugly one).

NC Register


Official account of the national Catholic Register. They regularly tweet the article you can find on their site and this is a great way to keep up.



Official account of EWTN where they tweet featured articles and periodically retweet others.

Catholic Online


Articles a couple of times a day. Usually a good read and well worth following.

New Advent


No original content, but they will tweet articles every few hours. A good way to get news.

Vatican News


Media tweeter. Looking for a short review of the daily goings on in Rome? Follow this account.


Official account of the USCCB. Active and responsive with the occasional live-tweeting event.

Luke Coppen


Editor of the Catholic Herald.

Following all of these accounts is the best way to stay up to date on news important to Catholics from around the world.