• The 4 sins that cry out to God for vengeance are from the Old Testament. Our Blessed Lord added a fifth; that of serious scandal, which carries the biggest penalty. (Matt 18:6,7)

  • Librarian50

    The citizens of Sodom violated two of the most important underpinnnings of the cultural world they lived in: Marriage and Hospitality. Marriage guaranteed the survival of one’s clan, one’s identity. The laws of hospitality were necessary to prevent blood feuds. The violation of these two moral concepts was symptomatic of a community that had degenerated into lawlessness : mob violence, mob robbery, mob rape. They reaped what they had sown. You do not even have to believe in God to see the connection between their lawlessness and their final extinction. Their city was built beside tar pits . Earthquake plus fire plus lawless mobs equals extinction . This is how Natural law works. It all starts with the breakdown of the family. The breakdown of the family and violence go hand in hand.
    In the atheistic and completely secularized society we live in Scripture carries no authoritative weight. Unfortunately neither does arguments based on rationalism.

  • taad

    I think I am afraid where the leaders of the Catholic Church are leading us. It seems as if they are a form of Communists. Those who disagree are moved out. They claim they want to dialogue, yet they control the dialogue so it is one sided.

    • gilad

      so whats the issue?

  • Luke Paul

    The Ezekiel interpretation of the sin of Sodom should be read as ‘offering hospitality in a form of sexual perversion’ which actually makes the hospitality offered to those ‘strangers’ as horrific or hellish hence the punishment.