Disapproving Joe Biden: 5 Memes from Pope Francis’ Inaugural Mass

A few comment on Vice President Joe Biden’s mood at His Holiness Pope Francis’ papal inaugural mass.

Credit: Heavy.com

Listers, on the Solemnity of St. Joseph 2013 His Holiness Pope Francis celebrated his inauguration to the Petrine Ministry. In his expected style, Pope Francis charmed the crowd by stopping the popemobile to kiss a baby and bless a handicapped man. His Holiness’ homily spoke of the poor and weakest amongst us to the delegations from over 130 countries and hundreds of thousands of people. Everyone described their experience of the papal inauguration as a joyous experience. Well, almost everyone.


Vice President Joe Biden in the crowd at the Papal Inaugural Mass 2013.1


Joe Biden not impressed


Joe Biden Catholicism


Joe Biden Rome


Joe Biden Liturgical Dancers


Joe Biden Latin


Listers, we post these in good nature and simple fun. If you have a caption you think is good add it to the comment box and it may become a meme! We’ve posted more memes and photos of Pope Francis at 30 Memes and Photos to Love and Share and some of his more notable quotes as a Cardinal at Quotes from Cardinal Bergoglio on 7 Moral Topics. Cheers. 


  1. ORIGINAL PHOTO: SPL does not take any credit for the original photo of VP Joe Biden. []
  • These are hilarious. He looks like a petulant child.

  • How about “Boehner didn’t have to be here and he actually BELIEVES this stuff.”

  • Bill

    Biden: “When Francis talks about the least among us, is he talking about Democrats or Republicans?”

  • “This is no garden variety slap across the face.”

  • Pat

    I e-mailed him and asked him to stay away; I guess his staff didn’t give him my memo.

  • maureen

    Do I look Mafioso enough to fit in here?

  • Catholic

    Pepto Bismol Joe

    NY has better Italian