• Great! Big thanks for your collection of photos. Many things I learned about our new Pope.

  • pipo

    This one is missing:

    • Ave Maria

      Dislike. I’m sure you didn’t realize that it’s actually blasphemous. Please reconsider.

      • ky

        What’s blasphemous about comparing the pantena to a CD??? o.O
        It’s just a piece of metal, though a pretty one.
        But the body of christ is clearly not on it yet, as this picture must be taken before consecration. (It has to be the part, when God is being thanked for giving us bread; during consecration the hostia is elevated without the pantena; after consecration the body of christ is elevated simultaneously with the blood/cup.)
        I don’t know the band, though, and what little I googlearend about it, it seem to be indeed a poor choice for the joke =/
        Greetz, Ky.

    • Divine Mercy

      God forgives sinners and blasphemers.

      • Betty Druzky

        Only if they are sorry.

  • I think there should be a somewhat larger than expected return to this beautiful religion very soon. This is a hopeful day.

  • Ave Maria

    The last photo, if taken in 1985, then it cannot be Bergoglio, as he was only ordained bishop in 1992, as an auxiliary in Buenos Aires.

  • Urso A.Aya-ay Jr.

    this is not a coincidence…but this is the work of HOLY SPIRIT….

  • Ma

    Re Monty Python meme- laughed so hard I need a nap in my comfy chair!!

  • GaudiumDei.com

    The one of him on the “bus” is in fact him on the subway, I believe. I could be wrong. That is exactly what the subway cars look like.

    • Gabriel

      Exactly so. It depicts the oldest subway in Buenos Aires, the “A” line. It is a pity that a few months ago those old coaches/wagons were “retired” and replaced by modern ones. The older ones had a lot of wood, brass and glass light apparels, chiseled mirrors… Well, so much for real appreciation of history.

  • Ellen H.

    I really think this Pope is amazing. I love him. His humility and kindness is evident. His goodness without question.

    • Fr. Michael

      uh-oh, Ellen. When you start to accept anything “without question”, even Francis would warn against that!

  • carol

    Here is one for the Biden/Rome photo :

    “This examination of conscience is hard!”