We Honor the Blessed Virgin: 10 Marian Quotes

“Never be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin too much. You can never love her more than Jesus did.”
Saint Maximilian Kolbe

Mary and Christ in Heaven

Listers, we are children of the New Eve, the New Ark of the Covenant and the Queen of Heaven. St. Peter’s List was founded in October 2011 and as October is the month Holy Mother Church celebrates the Holy Rosary, we have and will always have lists honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Rosary.


We Honor the Blessed Virgin
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Our Lady of the Rosary, pray for your children.

“We never give more honour to Jesus than when we honour his Mother, and we honour her simply and solely to honour him all the more perfectly. We go to her only as a way leading to the goal we seek – Jesus, her Son.”
Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, #94

“Mary has the authority over the angels and the blessed in heaven. As a reward for her great humility, God gave her the power and mission of assigning to saints the thrones made vacant by the apostate angels who fell away through pride. Such is the will of the almighty God who exalts the humble, that the powers of heaven, earth and hell, willingly or unwillingly, must obey the commands of the humble Virgin Mary. For God has made her queen of heaven and earth, leader of his armies, keeper of his treasure, dispenser of his graces, mediatrix on behalf of men, destroyer of his enemies, and faithful associate in his great works and triumphs.”
Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, #28

“All true children of God have God for their father and Mary for their mother; anyone who does not have Mary for his mother, does not have God for his father. This is why the reprobate, such as heretics and schismatics, who hate, despise or ignore the Blessed Virgin, do not have God for their father though they arrogantly claim they have, because they do not have Mary for their mother. Indeed if they had her for their mother they would love and honour her as good and true children naturally love and honour the mother who gave them life.”
Saint Louis Marie de Montfort, True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, #30

“If anyone does not wish to have Mary Immaculate for his Mother, he will not have Christ for his Brother.”
Saint Maximilian Kolbe

“Never be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin too much. You can never love her more than Jesus did.”
Saint Maximilian Kolbe

St. Louis de Montfort, pray for us.

“Let us not imagine that we obscure the glory of the Son by the great praise we lavish on the Mother; for the more she is honored, the greater is the glory of her Son. There can be no doubt that whatever we say in praise of the Mother gives equal praise to the Son.” (“Non est dubium, quicquid in laudibus matris profermius, ad
filium pertinere.”)
Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Father and Doctor of the Church, Horn. 4, Sup. Miss.

“No matter how sinful one may have been, if he has devotion to Mary, it is impossible that he be lost.”
Saint Hilary of Poitiers – Bishop, Father, and Doctor of the Church

“Seek refuge in Mary because she is the city of refuge. We know that Moses set up three cities of refuge for anyone who inadvertently killed his neighbor. Now the Lord has established a refuge of mercy, Mary, even for those who deliberately commit evil. Mary provides shelter and strength for the sinner.”
Saint Anthony of Padua, Doctor of the Church

“As soon as she [Mary] had the use of reason, that is, from the first moment of her immaculate conception in the womb of St. Ann, from that time she began with all her powers to love her God; and thus she continued to do, ever advancing more in perfection and love through her whole life. All her thoughts, her desires, her affections, were wholly given to God; not a word, not a motion, not a glance of the eye, not a breath of hers that was not for God and for his glory, never departing one step, nor separating herself for one moment from the divine love.”
Saint Alphonsus Ligouri, Bishop of Saint Agatha of the Goths and Doctor of the Church

“If anyone does not believe that Holy Mary is the Mother of God, he is severed from the Godhead. If anyone should assert that He passed through the Virgin as through a channel, and was not at once divinely and humanly formed in her (divinely, because without the intervention of a man; humanly, because in accordance with the laws of gestation), he is in like manner godless.”
Saint Gregory Nazianzen – Archbishop of Constantinople, Father, and Doctor of the Church

Listers, pray the Rosary daily.

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    This site is really inspiring and helped me to learn everything about Mother Mary, and it encouraged my faith in love to Blessed Mother Mary, who is our everlasting divine mother.. I truely love Mother Mary. Thank you.

  • Michel

    [Dieu] a fait un monde pour l’homme voyageur, c’est celui-ci; il a fait un monde pour l’homme bienheureux, et c’est le paradis; mais il en a fait un autre pour lui, auquel il a donné le nom de Marie.

    Marie est l’écho admirable de Dieu qui ne répond que: DIEU! lorsqu’on lui crie: MARIE!

    Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort

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