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    This should be an honorable mention:

    • Jackie Vick


    • Cloro

      Thank you!

  • I did not know that about Mark Wahlberg! That was great to hear and has altered my perception of the man. That was so heart warming. Thank you for all these videos.

  • Awesome. Everytime I see New Media sharing the Gospel, I am reminded of the Beauty of the Catholic Church. This is how we must win the world. Thanks for the post.
    Another few good ones…

    I blog at catholicrebel.blogspot.com

  • Thank you for including us! There are two of us on staff in the Communications Office here at the Archdiocese of St. Louis who shoot, produce, score, edit, set up, scout locations for, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera…the Annual Catholic Appeal video. These videos are a labor of love and evangelization for us and it means a great deal to us as an archdiocese to have been included on your list! Thank you.

  • Good stuff! Thanks for sharing!

    I’ve been organizing a list of “Faith Flicks” that I think would fit with the videos you’ve posted (267 videos from 10 Oddest Gifts Given to Pope Benedict XVI to Zombies vs. Jesus). For anyone interested, you can access them here: http://catholicreligionteacher.com/faith-flicks/

    Thanks for the great website and keep up the awesome work!

    In Christ,
    Greg Aitchison

  • Joseph B.

    we are all called under one God and one church
    may God’s Divine Mercy touch the hearts and souls
    of all men and women in the whole world no matter
    what religious group you belong too.

  • Joseph B.

    some christians have done many things in the name of God
    one as to seek in the name of which god(s)
    just terrible sinners that need conversion and God’s Mercy and
    forgiveness.we are all sinners no matter what.we all need God’s Mercy
    and forgiveness.